SEGA News Bits: Sonic Boom Season 2 and Fire & Ice Coming This Fall

SEGA has revealed that they are planning on releasing Sonic Boom Season 2 (TV) and Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (Nintendo 3DS) this fall. Along with the announcement they have stated that they will be airing re-runs of Sonic Boom Season 1 this spring on Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Hulu. Now there really is no excuse for you not to watch if if you haven’t! Watch us give you chit chat and information about the announcement you  might have missed. Who is looking forward to Sonic Boom Season 2? How about Fire & Ice on the Nintendo 3DS? Let us know in the comments below.

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Sonic Boom season 2 confirmed, set to release on Cartoon Network in fall 2016


New York Toy Fair has a ton of cool information regarding Sonic the Hedgehog’s 2016 plans, including release dates for games, event information, and news that Sonic Boom will have a second season. Tomy, which currently holds the Sonic toy license, had the above sign on display at their booth which reveals that a second season is in production and will be airing on Cartoon Network in fall 2016. The first season ran for 52 eleven minute episodes, and while there is no indication that season 2 will be the same length, it is likely.

Also revealed is that hulu will be streaming the first season in spring of 2016. This is great news for fans who want to catch up on the series, though it may also be bad news for those hoping for an American DVD release. While DVD volumes of the series has already started to release in the UK, there has been no news of a DVD release in America. The fact that hulu is streaming the series may mean that SEGA opted to stream rather than go the physical route. The plus side is that hulu will be, presumably, in HD whereas the DVDs are not.