Sonic Colors Cutscene Featuring the NEW Voices

Courtesy of Sonic Wrecks, Sonic Stadium and Sonic Retro comes the first publicly shown video of a Sonic Colors cutscene complete with dialogue! Personally, I think it’s an all around improvement over the past couple of games. Definitely beats out Heroes and ’06, and is a bit better than Unleashed despite the lack of HD visuals. Tails sounds like a boy once again, and Sonic is… different. But not worse! I’ll have to see more of the game before making a concrete decision. Bonus points for Sonic performing the Moonwalk.

[Source: Sonic Wrecks YouTube account]

Sonic Color gets interactive flash website

SEGAhas launched the website for Sonic Colors, it has a Wisp scavenger hunt. You will be able to find them once you click around the planets and such. After you click on one, you get a screenshot of the game.

It also has music from the game, so remember to turn down your speakers. The official site can be found here.

Sonic Colors OST detailed and priced

I know that on SEGAbits we try not to post too many Sonic related articles, but I thought an exception could be made. If you haven’t heard, Sonic Colors will be receiving an official soundtrack release in Japan. The name of the Sonic Colors OST is “ViViD SOUND X HYBRiD COLORS”.

“ViViD SOUND X HYBRiD COLORS” is a 3 CD soundtrack with 82 pieces of music. There will also be some pieces that were recorded with a live orchestra in Amsterdam. The OST has a release date of December 22nd, 2010 with a price tag of ¥4200 / £35 / $60.

If I have enough money I will personally be importing the soundtrack from Japan. If you haven’t heard any of the Sonic Colors music check out this beautiful Planet Wisp Act 1 music. Is there anyone else that will be importing “ViViD SOUND X HYBRiD COLORS” from Japan? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Game Watch via Sonic Stadium]

Knuckles and Amy to appear in Sonic Colors DS version

Both Knuckles and Amy have been confirmed to ‘appear’ in Sonic Colors DS. This doesn’t mean they will be playable, they will just come in for no reason and add nothing to the story, like they usually do.

“The DS version introduces the other characters like Knuckles and Amy as kind of the guest characters. They don’t have any direct influence on the gameplay but they act as the narrative to the background of the story, so if you play the DS version you get a better understanding of the story for Sonic Colours.” –Takashi Iizuka

This is the part where I complain that Amy should be in the Wii version, so we can get better shots of her panties. But if I said this, you guys would all think I’m a weirdo, so I will not.

[Source: Videogamesdaily]

SEGA talks fall line up and sales expectations

SEGA released some big hits in the beginning of the year, but so far hasn’t really set the charts on fire during the last few months.

But SEGA expects to do big numbers this Fall. New SEGA Europe boss, Jurgen Post, spoke about the latest SEGA titles and their expectations. SEGA wants to have a 10% attach rate for Sonic  Free Riders, he says the game’s success will depend on its hardware (Kinect).

Sonic Colours Limited Edition comes with toys

OK, so we here in the US we get a Sonic scalp if pre-order. The  lucky sons of Britain get a Limited Edition version with action figures? Why, SEGA why?! Actually seems that the Limited Edition packaging will be coming out for Pal buyers, not just the UK.

Well, maybe I can send like 34 whiny letters to SEGA Europe’s community team, want to see them sort through that! The game comes out November, got your pre-orders in?

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]

New Sonic Colors trailer shows the Eggmagineers accomplishments

The latest Sonic Colors trailer has arrived, and unlike previous released videos of the game, this one shows off a bit of the in-game cutscenes! If the opening map is anything to go by, it looks like each stage will be receiving a trailer which will also highlight Wisp powers. Tropical Resort is still looking to be an excellent first stage, and the drill power-up looks like a lot of fun. Like NiGHTS meets Mr. Driller. What do the fellow “bitters”* think of the latest trailer?

* I realize “bitters” is a terrible name for SEGAbits members, but I have yet to hear a better alternative.

Sonic Colors Multiplayer Features Classic Maps

While we here at SEGAbits can’t post every single image and video related to Sonic Colors as they appear (if we did that, we’d have to post about five posts a day pertaining to Colors), this one specifically caught my interest. While browsing the Sonic Stadium Message Board, I came across new videos of Sonic Colors multiplayer mode. Nothing really new compared to older videos of the mode, but I had a familiar feeling when watching the footage. What could it be? After a bit of back and forth with other forum members, we came to the conclusion that… (dramatic pause, unless you read the headline)

Sonic Colors – Act 1 Planet Wisp complete playthrough [update]

Kotaku had SEGA America community manager Aaron Webber play through the first act of Planet Wisp for them at PAX. This video is a change of pace from other Sonic Colors gameplay videos as of recently. RubyEclipse is an expert at this game. As you can see from the gameplay footage, Sonic Colors looks a lot like Sonic Unleashed.

[Source: Kotaku AU]

Edit: Here is another video, it is much clearer in quality but the player isn’t as good. Hit the jump to see it.

Sonic Colors Multiplayer Revealed

Not long ago, leaked the above screenshot on their website. Many speculated that the screenshot was proof of some sort of co-operative multiplayer mode.

Well, turns out those speculations where right! SEGA recently stopped by IGN’s offices to drop off the latest build of Sonic Colors, and the new co-op mode was the highlight.

According to IGN, the two players control “Sonic Robots”, which are put through a simulation built by Eggman. The co-op mode is unlocked by those red medallions that we’ve been seeing in the level videos. While there is a limited amount of competition between the two players, there will also be many instances where they will need to work together, such as combining two different wisp powers to overcome an obstacle.

IGN also noted that the co-op mode could be rather difficult, in contrast to the easier levels we’ve seen in the demos so far.

No word on whether or not the mode will go online, but given the Wii’s track record with online co-op I doubt it.

To read the article and get the rest of the info, go here.

SEGA’s TGS 2010 line-up confirmed

SEGA has let their ‘official’ line up out of the bag, of course, they have a surprise or two they don’t want to reveal yet. This is their ‘expect to be there’ and playable games.

  • Vanquish (PS3/360)
  • Virtual On Force (360)
  • Sonic Colors (Wii/DS)
  • Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity (PSP)
  • Black Panther New Yakuza  Chapter (PSP)
  • Shining Hearts (PSP)
  • K-On After School Live (PSP)

Of course they will most likely have a new Phantasy Star related product (anniversary game?) and for sure the new Yakuza PS3 game.

[Source: Joystiq]

Sonic Colors introduces multiplayer mode? has posted some in-game screenshots of the upcoming Sonic Colors on their product page. All well and good, but what is up with the picture above?

Some say it could be co-op mode, others think its time trial. I think it might be a 2 player racing mode, in the vain of Sonic 2’s multiplayer mode. Should have just switched red Sonic to Tails. But then people would complain its not ‘Sonic only’.

[Thanks: Dr. SEGA Monkey ]