Sonic 4 – Lets make Episode 2 perfect

I’m not going too write a second, conventional review for Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1. We already have a good review by Barry covering the iPad version of the game. His review touches upon most what you need to know about all versions of the game and I feel I’d just be echoing most of what he has already written.

Instead I want to make a list of all of the things that, after finishing Sonic 4 (and getting almost all of the achievements) I feel could be fixed or improved for Sonic 4 Episode 2.

So, hit the jump for my Sonic 4 Episode 2 improvment rundown!

First Sonic 4 Splash Hill act 1 speed run

This is the first speed run for Sonic 4, Splash Hill Zone Act 1 in a little over 40 seconds. Are you a bad enough dude to beat this speed run?

Good video to take tips from and try to approve upon. Good luck, you will need it.

[Thanks Barry]

Sonic 4 getting iPhone Game Center support

Despite only being a few days old, the iPhone version of Sonic 4 has already been confirmed to be receiving a free software update within the next week or so. SEGA’s Ken Balough has stated via the SEGA forums that the free update will give Sonic 4 Game Center support! Game Center is Apple’s version of XBOX Live, giving games the ability to have achievements, leaderboards and online multiplayer play (Sonic 4 will not have that last feature, as it is a one player game).  This will come as good news to iPhone owners, as it gives Sonic 4 more replayability outside of the score attack and time attack modes. This also shows that SEGA is committed to updating the game, so perhaps retina display support is in the game’s future?

[Source: SEGA Blogs]

Review: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 – Episode 1 (iPhone)

After a staggering two years of waiting, 2D Sonic gameplay has finally returned to the handheld world! What? Oh, you’re probably used to the usual Sonic 4 article intro recounting the 16 year wait fans had to endure before seeing the return of a 2D Sonic to home consoles. Well, such is not the case with Sonic in the portable world. Ever since 2D Sonic left Angel Island, he had found a new home on handheld gaming devices. Between 1994 and 2010, Sonic fans have been treated to more than ten 2D adventures. It is probably due to this fact that the iPhone version of Sonic 4 hasn’t been receiving the same level of enthusiasm and attention as its big brother console versions have.

Sonic 4 world map revealed

A YouTube video of the latest build of Sonic 4 shows off the game’s world map. A picture can be seen above. Looks pretty nice, right?

He tries to play the latest build without using homing attack, but does use it once, to break a rock. Game comes out in  about a week, who is buying?

[Source: TSS]

Sonic 4 Mad Gear Trailer [update]

The release date is also revealed in this trailer. October 7th for iPhone App store. October 11th for WiiWare. October 12th for PlayStation Network. October 13th for XBLA.

[Update: Now with more YouTube and less GameSpot embedded player]

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 priced and dated


SEGA has unvailed the price and release date for it’s eagerly awaited title, Sonic the Hedgehog 4, the title will see Sonic battle his way through four badnik filled zones with three stages each (Inspired from previous Mega Drive Sonic titles) as he faces off once again with his nemesis Dr Robotnik. Fans of the series have no need to wait any longer though, as Sonic will be speeding to home consoles and iPhones this coming October. Please see the full release dates and prices for each platform below;

The game will be available for download on the iTunes App Store starting Oct. 7, the Wii Shop Channel on Oct. 11 (15th Oct in EMEA territories), the PlayStation Network on Oct. 12 in America (Oct 13th in EMEA territories), and Xbox Live Arcade on Oct. 13 across all territories.

Sonic 4 will be priced at 1500 Wii Points on WiiWare, 1200 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Arcade, and $14.99 / £9.99 / €12.99 / AU$19.95 on the PlayStation Network.

[Source: IGN]

Sonic 4 hits the Casino Street – Trailer & Screens

The latest reworked stage from Sonic the Hedgehog 4 has been revealed thanks to a video and written preview from the folks at Joystiq! Just as Lost Labyrinth replaced the much maligned mine cart, Casino Street has been confirmed to have replaced the itty bitty act 2 pinball machine with a much sweeter card focused stage. Sonic is shown to use cards as platforms, as a way to win an extra life and as a fast moving platform. Way past cool! In fact, the final moment of the trailer was the first true instance in which Sonic 4 made me say “wow!” aloud. I was pro-Sonic 4 before, but now I think I have been welcomed to the next level.

Sonic 4 Lost Labyrinth trailer

So, what can we complain about this time? He runs… too fast? No, his shoes are the wrong red! He should be left handed!

But in all seriousness, personally I think this game is looking very, very good. Are people going to find things to complain about? Of course they will. But I’m seeing 2D game play, I’m seeing just Sonic playable, badniks, zones, platforming, no voice acting, no bad scripts, no shitty pop music. So, my personal biggest complaints have been delt with.

Will it have its faults? I guarantee it! Will it be the closest thing to classic Sonic we have seen in 15 odd years? I’m betting on yes.

Also If I’m not mistaken, this seems to be a newer build of the game. The Sonic model looks slightly different, moves slightly different. But I’ll let our forum members do the analyzing.

In Memoriam: Strange Mine Cart

Another negative of Sonic 4 has been nixed with a recent update to the official Sonic 4 sites (US, EU and JP). The update details the second zone, Lost Labyrinth, including previously heard music, new badniks and eight screens from the zone’s three acts. The screens show acts seen in the leaked footage, such as the rolling balls and an underwater segment, but what hasn’t been seen before is the supposed revamped act 2!

Sonic 4 Pre-E3 Video Interview

[click above image to visit the Gamespot video page]

SEGA’s Associate Digital Brand Manager Ken Balough sat down with Gamespot to tell us what to expect from Sonic 4 at E3. As an added bonus, we get a good amount of footage featuring the still in progress tweaked physics. Now supernerds can spend the whole weekend doing a frame by frame analysis of the altered physics!

Here are a few highlights from the video:

  • All of Splash Hill Zone will be playable at E3
  • Motion controls for the special stages will be optional
  • iPod is getting two exclusive levels (could the mine cart be moving?)
  • Sonic 4 technically has 16 stages (4 Zones with 3 Acts each plus 1 boss battle per Zone = 16)

I think I actually DO see a difference in the physics, way to go SEGA!

Check out the video at Gamespot

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 awesome update!

Today is the day! The much talked about, much speculated at day of Sonic 4 reckoning. It came in the form of a press release and a Sega rep will be revealed more info on ‘ON THE SPOT’ tonight.

According to this press release, the release date of Sonic 4 will be pushed back to the later half of 2010 to insure the high quality of the game.

To me, this sounds like great news! I can’t wait to scour forums after I publish this article to see the new and inventive ways nerdy Sonic fans can spin this news into a negative light.

Also mentioned on the press release, SEGA confirmed that Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I will be coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch via Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Hit the jump for the press release, also make sure to tune into ON THE SPOT for the second part of the reveal tonight!

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 screens

If by some miracle you are the one person still alive that hasn’t yet seen any of the leaked footage of Sonic 4 then BOY do we have a treat for you.

If you’re in the ‘everyone else in the world’ group… humour me.

New Sonic 4 screens!

See the rest HERE!