Summer Games Done Quick 2014 Charity Drive Starts Today, Features Many SEGA Hits


Speed Demos Archive and Speed Runs Live are teaming up once again this year for Summer Games Done Quick 2014. A charity event hosted by speed runners to help the less fortunate starting today and airs nonstop until the 29th. Once again they’re raising funds for Doctors Without Borders and continue to offer incentives by voting for certain content as well as offering prizes.

You can expect a much bigger turnout for SEGA games this year. With the likes of Jet Set Radio HD, MadWorld, Super Monkey Ball 2, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, Disney’s Aladdin, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Tails’ Adventures, Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, NiGHTS into Dreams, El Viento and many more.

You can watch the stream on the SDA Twitch channel, check out the schedule, ogle the list of prizes, and of course, check out their main site on how you can send your contribution to charity.

Also somebody is running Gex: Enter the Gecko on Nintendo 64. I can’t be the only guy that actually enjoyed the game, right?

Super Monkey Ball 2 coming to Windows Phone 7

Seems that SEGA is kin on supporting Windows Phone 7, last game they announced was Sonic 4 and now they are announcing Super Monkey Ball 2. The game will be released on April 6th and cost $4.99.

If that wasn’t enough for users, you can try the game before you buy. The full game will come with over 115 courses, so might be a steal for the price of entry.This is most likely the iOS version for WP7.

[Source: Appmodo]

SEGA iPhone sale is insane – 80% off games!

It is almost Black Friday, this means some insane deals for everyone. SEGA is not letting us down, they have reduced their iOS games at up to 80% off. You can get Chu Chu Rocket for less than a dollar. Insanity.

  • Super Monkey Ball 2 $1.99 (was $5.99)
  • Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition $2.99 (was $7.99)
  • Phantasy Star II $0.99 (was $4.99)
  • Golden Axe $0.99 (was $2.99)
  • ChuChu Rocket! $0.99 (was $2.99)
  • ChuChu Rocket! HD $2.99 (was $4.99)
  • Sonic 4, Episode 1 $4.99 (was $6.99)

The sale starts… right now. Go, give some sexy cash to SEGA. It ends on December 1st, in case you are waiting for your paycheck.

[Source: SEGA]

SEGA having back to school iPhone sale

Now you can get all your iPhone games on the cheap, you know before you go back to school and someone steals that brand new iPhone 4 you got during the summer.

Ecco the Dolphin $2.99 –> $0.99 / £1.79 – £0.59
Golden Axe : $2.99 –> $0.99 / / £1.79 – £0.59
Shining Force: $2.99 –> $0.99 / £1.79 – £0.59
Sonic the Hedgehog: $5.99 –> $2.99 / £3.49 – £1.79
Sonic the Hedgehog 2: $5.99 –> $2.99 / £3.49 – £1.79
Streets of Rage: $2.99 –> $0.99 £1.79 – £0.59
Super Monkey Ball: $2.99 –> $1.99 £1.79 – £1.19
Super Monkey Ball 2: $5.99 –> $2.99 / £3.49 – £1.79
Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition (iPad): $7.99 –> $3.99 / £4.99 – £2.39

I would download them, but I don’t have an iPhone.

[Thanks: charmed699]

SEGA drops iTunes App game prices

SEGA has dropped the prices of Super Monkey Ball 2 on the iTunes App store, pricing it at $5.99. Pretty cheap.

They also dropped the price of their Genesis classics, Golden Axe and Streets of Rage, to $2.99 each. We have heard really bad feedback coming from SEGA’s classic Genesis, saying they run choppy. Though I hear nothing but excellent stuff about Super Monkey Ball.

[Source: SEGA PR]