Check out some All-Stars Racing Transformed concept art!

Yesterday it was the announcement, preview and podcast. Today: concept art! Thanks to French gaming site comes a collection of artworks from the Panzer Dragoon and Monkey Ball tracks. They also released a few new screens including a look at the back of B.D. Joe’s vehicle in flight. Fun fact: some screens have a “ASN” label. This refers to the game’s internal name “All-Stars Next”. Check out the concept art, and new screens, after the break!

Preview: Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed

Sega has become synonymous with San Francisco. Station Square and the City Escape level from Sonic Adventure are loosely based on it as well as the first Crazy Taxi game. Even Sega of America itself has its offices based in the city by the bay. So it’s only natural that here is where they show off their latest game in the All-Star/Superstar series that includes both the blue-blur and B.D. Joe.

Just off the 101 freeway in good ‘ol San Fran is a Go-Kart tracing track which for one Tuesday afternoon, was taken over by Sega. In a meeting lounge, me and Nux (check out his preview at TSS) and other press were presented with the first preview of two tracks from Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed. (Sega, if you’re going to shorten the title, wouldn’t “Sonic and Sega Racing Transformed” have been better? You’re cutting out your own name!) Anyway, onto the preview!

Super Monkey Ball for Playstation Vita leaked

Not formally announced but it seems that the newest entry into SEGA’s highly successful Super Monkey Ball series will be rolling onto the Playstation Vita. It seems SEGA America had left three images tagged PS Vita on their Flickr photostream. The manner of which this has occurred should be of no surprise to long term SEGA fans, as the company has been making numerous blunders ranging from leaked trailers to even full games.

One thing to be noted from the screens, however, is the absence of the red rails; an addition to the series for its debut on the Nintendo Wii, these rails have resulted in a decrease in the franchise’s complexity ever since. Whether this is an indication that the Monkey Ball series will be returning to its more traditionally challenging roots remains to be seen. Expect more in the coming days, as the Tokyo Game Show is about to get started.

SEGA Celebrates Easter With iOS Sales

You own an iPod? Do you, for some inconceivable reason, not own a copy of Super Monkey Ball 2 for it? Well, now you have no excuse. From today until April 25th, four of SEGA’s iPod games will be available for ridiculously low prices. Be sure to take advantage!

Sale-priced titles:

  • ChuChu Rocket!™ HD for iPad: $2.99 / £1.79 /€2.39 (was $4.99/£2.99 /€3.99)
  • Super Monkey Ball™ 1: $0.99 / £0.59 /€0.79 (was $2.99/£1.79 /€2.39)
  • Super Monkey Ball™ 2: $0.99 / £0.59 /€0.79 (was $2.99/£1.79 /€2.39)
  • Altered Beast™: $0.99 / £0.59 /€0.79 (was $2.99/£1.79 /€2.39)


Super Monkey Ball 3DS – Monkey Fight Trailer

As many of you may know by now Super Monkey Ball has three game modes: Main game, which plays much like any good Monkey Ball game should, roll the ball to the goal! Monkey Race, which looks like a poor mans’ ‘Sega All-Star Racing’ and Monkey Fight, which has more than a passing resemblance to Super Smash Bros.

This trailer highlights the gameplay found in Monkey Fight mode, which looks much better than Monkey Race. Still, is it really too much to ask for the fun gameplay of ‘Monkey Fight’ from Super Monkey Ball Deluxe?

Hands On: Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz

I am very fortunate to live near a brand new Round 1 Arcade. It’s a bowling, Karakoe, UFO Ctacher and Video Arcade that originated from Japan. They tend to have the most brand new video arcade games out there. One they just recently got was Super Monkey Ball: Ticket Blitz. A fairly different take on Monkey Ball that rewards you with prize tickets.

Super Monkey Ball 3DS Trailer

Here is a new trailer for Super Monkey Ball 3DS, the trailer shows off the main game and its control scheme. In all honesty the game looks quite fun, bright, and has the same addictive Monkey Ball game play I’ve always loved.

But I really, really hope there is an option to take down those red safety bars that appear in the levels… There is nothing worse than this series being toned down and made too easy for us older fans that look for a bit of challenge in our Monkey Ball ventures.

I’m still a bit disappointed that Monkey Target didn’t make it into the party game selection, but looking at how they changed Monkey Fight and Monkey Race I’m not sure I’d want it after all…

Super Monkey Ball 3D Ad

Here’s a very Japanese advert if I ever saw one! The lengthy advert highlights the three game play modes featured in Super Monkey Ball 3D.

The Classic Super Monkey Ball game play which we all know and love. Monkey Race which is a bit of a Mario Kart knock off and Monkey Fight, which is a bit of a Smash Bros knock off… Yeah.

Why they felt they needed to change Race and Fight from the frankly great fun party games they were in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe is beyond me but even more strange in my opinion is the omission of Monkey Target, easily the best party game the series ever had. Oh well, maybe next time.

Super Monkey Ball 3DS – Monkey Race Footage

Sega news has all been a little too sweet recently, something had to give and it just did. I present to you Super Monkey Ball 3DS – Monkey Race Mode footage.

Here I was hoping that a return to the original Super Monkey Ball team would yield some good results for this series but alas, this looks pretty damn awful.

‘Monkey Race’ in Super Monkey Ball: Deluxe was actually a very fun distraction from the main game. Not only that, but it made sense! You would race your monkey inside his monkey ball and use momentum to propel yourself down hills and around tight corners.

This here is just a poor mans’ Mario Kart or Sega All-Star Racing even. The track looks dull, the items look stupid, the graphics are nothing to write home about, and it just doesn’t look fun at all. It doesn’t even have monkey target, I’ll be giving this one a miss.

Super Monkey Ball 3DS Announcement Trailer

Check out the western announcement trailer for Super Monkey Ball 3DS! The trailer is all CGI and highlights the three games that will feature in Super Monkey Ball 3DS, classic Monkey Ball rolling, Monkey Fight and Monkey Race. There also seems to be a new bad guy on the block!

I’ve been a monkey ball fan since the first game but I’ve avoided the series since Monkey Ball Deluxe. This is due to the direction the series has taken, using the party games as more of a gimmick to show off a new control scheme instead of focusing on what’s important. Making fun, fleshed out games.

Super Monkey Ball 3DS seems to have returned to the ‘quality over quantity’ notion, and Monkey Fight and Monkey Race, two of my favourite party games, have returned,  although they seem to have new gameplay mechanics. But unfortunately my favourite party game of the lot, Monkey Target is absent!

Super Monkey Ball 3DS Trailer

The first trailer for Super Monkey Ball 3DS has arrived.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the trailer, you can’t tell how well the 3D works on a PC monitor so I can’t really comment on that. I do, however like the tropical sounding music going on!

I’m more interested in this Monkey Ball then other recent ones however, as this one’s being developed by the original team in Japan. One thing I will mention is that I hope those red rails that stop you falling out of the level do not stick around past the first few stages. I want at least SOME challenge!

Finally I really, really hope that the mini games are fun and fleshed out again. I don’t know about anyone else but the mini games in Super Monkey Ball 1, 2 and Deluxe are what kept me and my friends coming back time and time again. In more recent monkey in ball related outings the mini games have been quantity before quality, often serving as more of a tech demo for what ever control gimmick they have been designed around and not fun mini games.

Let’s hope we can trust the original team to get the (monkey) ball rolling again… Yeah, I went there!

SEGA permanently drops prices on iOS games

SEGA has announced a permanent price drop on their iOS games (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch). If you haven’t picked up some their titles when they had that crazy turkey deal, you suck. But you can still get them cheaper than usual.

  • ChuChu Rocket: Now: $2.99 (was: $4.99)
  • ChuChu Rocket HD: Now: $4.99 (was: $6.99)
  • Ecco the Dolphin: Now: $0.99 (was: $2.99)
  • Football Manager 2010: Now: $4.99 (was: $7.99)
  • Golden Axe: Now: $0.99 (was: $2.99)
  • Gunstar Heroes: Now: $2.99 (was: $4.99)
  • Phantasy Star II: Now: $2.99 (was: $4.99)
  • Shining Force: Now: $0.99 (was: $2.99)
  • Super Monkey Ball 2: Now: $2.99 (was: $5.99)
  • Super Monkey Ball 2 Sakura Edition: Now: $4.99 (was: $7.99)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 1: Now: $4.99 (was: $5.99)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 2: Now: $4.99 (was: $5.99)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1: Now: $6.99 (was: $9.99)
  • Streets of Rage: Now: $0.99 (was: $2.99)

Wow, Sonic 4 really dropped in price over the last couple of months. Get it!

SEGA teasing 33 titles at IAAPA

SEGA will have quite the arcade line-up at this year’s IAAPA. They have put out a press release that they will have 33 arcade machines at the show. 14 of those arcades will be ticket redemption games, 12 video game arcades, 3 will be coin pushers, 3 prize vendors, and one of them will be a photo booth.

Some of the games are easy to spot via US arcade vendors like BMI Gaming. They tease that SEGA has a Monkey Ball game, so that will be a brand new title probably shown at the show. Guess that trademark for Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz makes sense now.
IAAPA will be in Orlando, FL on the week of November 15th. Who is going to go?

[Source: Arcade Heroes]