Swingin’ Report Show Podcast #96: Donnie aka SSF1991, Writer, The Sonic Stadium, Tails’ Channel, TSSZ (former)

Writer and reporter Donnie aka SSF1991 joins us on this episode of the SEGAbits Swingin’ Report Show podcast to discuss his work with sites in the SEGA and Sonic community that include Sonic Paradox, TSSZ and The Sonic Stadium! We talk about Donnie’s early days as a SEGA fan, how he became a writer covering live events and breaking SEGA and Sonic news stories, and the final days of TSSZ.

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Convention Report: MomoCon 2016


Conventions never really…felt like something I’d enjoy doing. Crowds of people, loudness everywhere, difficulty in navigation, pains to manage, and sore legs did not sound like an experience that was worthwhile. I experienced all of these at some point or another, and truth be told…it was incredible. MomoCon was an experience I’ll never forget; my first con, my first meetup with people I only knew from internet interactions, my first time helping with a panel, etc.

But it wasn’t a solo experience. Me, my coworker and friend Kori-Maru, and a twenty four pack of bottled water had a mission: do something cool. Something we could return to the site and say “we bring you news!” or “we bring you neat things!”. Unfortunately, SEGA was not at MomoCon in any official capacity this year. So we had to rely on the old fan community to do something worthwhile. Hit the jump to see what we did.

Tails’ Channel interviews Aaron Webber about Sonic 25th Anniversary party

Matt from Tails’ Channel got to sit down with Sonic’s social media manager and Sonic PR Aaron Webber (or how Phantasy Star people know him as Ruby Eclipse). The topic of the interview was the upcoming Sonic 25th Anniversary party including questions about what to expect, if Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice will be playable and what sort of merch will be sold at the event.

If you guys decide to go to the Sonic 25th Anniversary party, make sure you stop by and say hi to me and Barry since we will be attending the event. So are you going to Sonic 25th Anniversary party?

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SEGA Talk: Our Ideal Sonic 25th Anniversary Game (Feat. Matt from Tails’ Channel)

Welcome to our newest video series, SEGA Talk! Like SEGA News Bits, SEGA Talk features hosts George and Barry discussing all things SEGA. However, instead of detailing the latest in SEGA news, we bring on a guest to take part in a round table SEGA discussion. To kick things off we are joined by Matt from Tails’ Channel to share what we think the ideal Sonic 25th anniversary game would be.

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SEGAbits and TailsChannel presents Sonic’s 23rd Anniversary Comic Giveaway!

Hello Sonic fans, Kori-Maru of SEGAbits here to announce a collaboration with Tails Channel, the popular Sonic News Channel on Youtube! To celebrate Sonic’s 23rd Anniversary, we will be giving away six Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics to one lucky fan. All you have to do is to follow these simple steps for a chance to win!

  • Follow @TailsChannel and @SEGABits on Twitter.
  • Write a Tweet about your favorite Archie Sonic Comic moment using the hashtag #sonic23on23. (If you don’t read the comics, just put your favorite Sonic moment in general.)

The contest ends on June 30th and from there we will pick the lucky winner!

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