Atlus teases new 3DS Etrian Odyssey title announcement for Spring 2018


Atlus recently held a Etrian Odyssey 10th Anniversary Closing Talk Show in Japan, where they teased that they have a brand new Etrian Odyssey title for the 3DS to announce sometime in Spring 2018.  It was also confirmed that this wouldn’t be Etrian Odyssey 3 Untold (Untold series is remakes of the originals).

We have known that Atlus has been working on another Etrian Odyssey title way back in September. Back then it was confirmed by director Shigeo Komori that it would be a ‘festival-like’ celebration of the franchise.  Again Komori at the event discussed the new game as a “true culmination” with “map drawing to the point that its unpleasant”. If you never played a Etrian Odyssey game, drawing dungeon maps on the second screen is a part of its charm. He also teased that there will be unexpected content in this new game. Sounds interesting and it seems that Atlus isn’t close to giving up on the Nintendo 3DS. What are you’re thoughts going into 2018 with brand new Nintendo 3DS game announcements?

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SEGA and Two Point Studios announcing a new game on January 16

twopointstudiosSEGA and Two Point Studios (a team made up of ex-Lionhead and Bullfrog developers) have now teased a new game announcement via a twitter post telling us to check back on January 16, 2018. SEGA Europe announced their partnership with Two Point Studios back in May 30, 2017 and it seems that they have been hard at work on this new title if its going to be shown in a less than two months.

According to Two Point Studios twitter bio, the team is “Making sim games with ” . It makes sense that SEGA would try their hands at the PC sim market considering that new IPs such as Cities XXL, Cities in Motion and Cities: Skylines have carved a big chunk of the market away from EA. Not only that, they are already heading that way by purchasing the Endless Space developers, Amplitude Studios. It does seem that if they make a sim game that it will be based on something like Theme Park or Theme Hospital. But who knows at this point. While these PC games are usually aimed at another market, as a SEGA fan I actually like the brand name to grow into other markets. Plus the team being made up of people that worked on games like Theme Hospital and Fable really peaks my interest.

Treasure President teases announcement for 2018, vows never to work on social games


The last time we heard about Treasure, we ran a rumor that the company was going to stop making new games. Is it true? So far it has stayed true since the companies last ‘new game’ was Gaist Crusher God which was released back back in 2014. Since then Treasure Games hasn’t made a single brand new game. Rumors suggested that the company was going to continue as an IP holding company. Now according to a Japanese twitter user, Treasure President Masato Maegawa stated that he has an announcement coming in 2018 and that Treasure games won’t make a social game (usually mobile games) as long as he lives.

“I’ll never work on social games for as long as I live! I’ll have something to share next year” – Treasure Games President Masato Maegawa

Maegawa also complained that there was a total lack of communication at SEGA during the Mega Drive, especially during the time they developed Yu Yu Hakusho. He also revealed that Gunstar Heroes shipped 70k units in Japan and 200k abroad. Said the initial 10k print run in Japan sold out fast. Treasure Games’ president also wished that SEGA would have their own ‘Mega Drive Mini’ much like what Nintendo offers.

According to twitter user @gosokkyu, this lines up with what he has heard about from Treasure, that most publishers are only wanting them to work on mobile or ‘social’ type games. I’m glad to see a Japanese developer that doesn’t want to succumb to mobile gaming. Some developers just don’t transition over well and since a lot of Treasure Games are about the gameplay, I don’t think it would work out on mobile. But hey what do you think this announcement will be? Are you excited? Sound off in the comments.

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Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology coming to Nintendo 3DS

It seems Atlus’ teaser site has been revealed early, the ‘new’ game is being called Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. Sadly Sadly this isn’t a brand new entry in the franchise, Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology  is actually a full remake of the orginial with some new scenarios thrown in. Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology was suppose to be announced via the March 23rd issue of Famitsu Magazine, but it seems someone go the issue early and scanned the page (see above).

The franchise was previously missing in action since its debuted in 2010 (or 2011 in the West), when the game came out on the Nintendo DS. While I never got to play through Radiant Historia, it did receive critical praise achieving a 85% on Metacritic.   Since the first title came out on the Nintendo DS, it makes sense that Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology is coming out on the Nintendo 3DS. Though it is puzzling that Nintendo themselves and 3rd party publishers like Atlus aren’t stopping their support for the Nintendo 3DS and moved their games to the Nintendo Switch, as everyone did with the Wii U. What is your thoughts on Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology being announced for the Nintendo 3DS? Let us know in the comments below.

Like always we will keep you updated on any news regarding Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology .

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First 4 Figures teases their upcoming NiGHTS figure


First 4 Figures has teased this image on their Facebook, giving their fans a small taste of whats to come. If you haven’t heard of First 4 Figures, they make high quality video game figures in limited quantities. They dabble in Nintendo, Capcom and of course SEGA figures. I think my personally favorites are their Skies of Arcadia Vyse figure, Beat from Jet Set Radio, Akria from Virtua Fighter 5, and of course Ryo from Shenmue.

Not only are First 4 Figures known for their quality, but they are also known for their high price tags. Don’t be surprised if this figure goes on sale for over $200 dollars.

SEGA Amusement teasing ‘R&D Spy Cam’ on Facebook

Seems that SEGA Amusement is teasing a new product or cabinet on social sites. They have posted the picture above in an album called “R&D Spy Cam”, what it is or what it will do is not really known. But that isn’t all they posted, they also posted a clue in the discreption.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ S™

What is it and what could it be? Your guess is as good as mine.

SEGA teasing new Hatsune Miku game

Even though SEGA has posted the terrible news that a lot of projects would be canceled; then revealing that only franchises like Sonic, Aliens and a few others would be safe. So what will happen to the Hatsune Miku development team?

Seems that they get to develop a new Hatsune Miku game. SEGA has just put up the teaser site for an upcoming new game in the Hatsune Miku universe. Will this new title finally mark Hatsune Miku‘s debut on Playstation Vita?

SEGA / Namco / Capcom Project teaser site gets updated with more hints

Last time I the site was updated it was to five chromosomes per publisher
. Now they added one more to each, totaling at six. It seems that everyone is saying that these chromosomes are hints of characters they will be using for the crossover 3DS game. We all took our wild guesses at the SEGA one, one totally looks like Bayonetta.


Above is the chromosomes for Capcom and Namco. What do you see in there? Hard to tell with just colors. If you want to check out the Japanese teaser site, click here.

SEGA is already working on the next Shining project

SEGA seems to be pushing the Shining series as much as possible, so much so that they tweeted an announcement on their Shining Blade twitter account. What was it? Well, a hint on the next Shining game will be inside of Shining Blade’s package.

So what is the announcement? We don’t know, we will have to wait till the game comes out on March 15th in Japan. If it was Capcom, i’d wager it was the announcement of “Ultimate Shining Blade”.

SEGA promises Sonic trailer tomorrow on Sonic’s facebook

OK, so we posted that on the 7th there was going to be a big update. Well SEGA has said it’s going to be a trailer, but for what? We will have to wait till tomorrow to find out. Here is what they teased via twitter:

SEGA: BRAND NEW TRAILER COMING TOMORROW ONLY ON SONIC’S FACEBOOK! Be sure to come back tomorrow to check it out!”

OK SEGA, you win. Color me excited. What do you guys think this trailer will be? Sonic Generations or Sonic 4 Episode 2? How about if its for something totally unrelated to the game? Then I will be disappointed… Unless it’s for boxers that say “To be this good takes Ages.”

SEGA teasing Black Rock Shooter RPG?

If you don’t know what Black Rock Shooter is, it sounds like some Western game, but its very Japanese. Black Rock Shooter is a anime OVA, that began life as a fan made Vocaloid song. Above is the teaser from the site. It translates to:

She becomes RPG

2032 A.D.

Mankind was destroyed.

Before she wakes up.

She becomes RPG

Maybe this is SEGA trying their luck with girly character anime games? They did have success with Miku PSP game and have that K-on game coming out. Could this be by Red Entertainment?

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