Hucast Games reveal new screens from the upcoming indie SEGA Dreamcast game ‘The Ghost Blade’

Hucast Games, developer of the recently released Redux: Dark Matters, is at work on the upcoming indie Dreamcast game The Ghost Blade. Four new screens, as well as a photo taken of the game in action, were recently shared on the developer’s blog. Fans, including our own The Gagaman, complained of low resolution graphics in the recently released Redux, which might explain why Hucast shared a close up shot of The Ghost Blade showing off what Hucast promises is an all new engine that will take advantage of the Dreamcast’s RAM better leading to high-res graphics.

Expected to release in October 2014, the game is currently in an alpha state, and Hucast promises that they will be “adding more enemies to give the game a blasting Caravan shooting game thrill!”.

Check out the trailer for Hucast’s upcoming Dreamcast game The Ghost Blade

Coming soon to an undead console near you is Hucast’s top down shoot ’em up The Ghost Blade. As you can see in the teaser trailer above, the game is in an alpha state, but is already looking great. That game is set for “TBA 2013”, so expect it within the next 8 months. You can pre-order it now in a 3-disc Collector’s Edition, a 2-disc Limited Edition, and a single disc standard edition.