Review: The Legend of Legacy (3DS)

The Legend of Legacy piqued my interest when I heard that the team behind the game (Furyu) was billing the title as a spiritual sequel to the SaGa series of games, a series of RPGs that I played many moons ago. Did I enjoy them? Hard to tell since I was quite young when I played them but the name always stuck with me over the years. I  was excited to start this long RPG trip and ready to see if the game will live up to its ‘Legacy’ namesake. Well, does it? One way to find out…

Atlus’ launch day edition of The Legend of Legacy is pretty awesome


The Legend of Legacy is a Nintendo 3DS RPG developed by Furyu and this game is actually mean’t to be the spiritual sequel to the long running SaGa series. Atlus USA seemed to be pretty impressed with the game since they picked up US publishing rights, while NIS America will publish it in Europe (yeah, weird).

Atlus just announced a firm date of release, the game will hit North American shelves on October 13th. Not only that, they also showed off the ‘Launch Edition’ which comes with the following items:

  • A copy of the game
  • Collector’s box
  • 10-track Masashi Hamauzu original soundtrack
  • Premium 40-page hardcover art book featuring character artwork, concept sketches, monster pages, and background art, accompanied by commentary from the game’s character artist Tomomi Kobayashi

How much is this ‘Launch Day’ edition going to cost you, the consumer? The regular price of $39.99, which is actually cheaper than most recent Atlus 3DS releases (they have been priced at $49.99). Hey, support the game early and get free stuff. Can’t complain.