SEGA Toys Unveils “Wappy Dog”


SEGA Toys is at it again, although not with a “toylet” or robot girlfriend, at least not this time. No, this is a robotic dog that interacts with you, and an upcoming DS video game. You can pet it, talk to it, and it will always respond by moving or making some noise. The key here is that the dog is really sensitive to sound, so it reacts in different ways to the beeps and boops from the video game. Cool idea, I guess. And you don’t have to pee on it.

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10″ Sonic and the Sonic PVC 6-pack!

As 2010 comes to an end, so too does a great year for Sonic toys! This year we saw toymaker Jazwares make a huge step up in quality and number of new figures. Meanwhile, First 4 Figures covered the collectible side of things with an awesome Super Sonic statue and a great collection of PVC figures. Today I thought I’d highlight two recent acquisitions: Jazware’s 10″ Sonic and First 4 Figures PVC 6-pack!

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It’s a SEGA PC Kid’s Meal!

Back in 1999, when you thought “SEGA” you inevitably thought “Dreamcast”. With the impending September launch, Dream-hype was seen anywhere and everywhere… except at the Califronia based fast-food chain Jack in the Box. Jack in the Box, oddly enough, had featured a SEGA Kid’s Meal in 1999 that focused on SEGA’s PC games. Guess they didn’t get the memo.

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Summer of Sonic 2010: The Merch Box & The Cosplayers

from Gagaman of SEGA Memories

Just like last year there was a ‘No Merch Zone’ present, which consists of a large glass cabinet of Sonic related treasures. There was some of the same stuff from last year but mostly completely new stuff, so here’s a bunch of photos. Apologies the photos are not quite so good this time but you’ll get the idea. Read more

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SEGA gals collection 3 announced

SEGA gals collection 3 has been announced, this time with only four ladies joining the collection. Don’t know what this collection is about? Basically toys of SEGA’s female game characters.

– Fey-Yen (Cyber Troopers Virtual-On)
– Lushe Princess (7th Dragon)
– Opeko (Boarder Break)
– Maxima (“Next Tony Project”)

The collection will be released in August at the price of 1,540 yen for the set of four. To check out the last two collections, hit the jump…

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The Toys of Alpha Protocol

Sega Europe has recently shown off a great new video for upcoming RPG, Alpha Protocol. As we’ve known for a while now, the game is touting a lot of freedom and flexibility in creating your character and tackling the various missions. This trailer reinforces that goal, showing off a great range of weapons and gadgets to use and lots of customisation options so you really can tailor make everything to suit your goals.

Alpha Protocol is due for release on May 28th.

[Source:  Sega Europe Blog]