SEGA News Bits: Top 100 SEGA Games Discussion

On this episode of the SEGA News Bits we discuss the Top 100 SEGA Games list we posted up earlier this month, so if you haven’t checked it out give it a gander. Join us to listen to us rant about how the list was put together, which games surprised us on the list, which games didn’t make the list, how SEGA games are under-appreciated on other top gaming lists, and much more. Sadly we don’t cover all the top 100 SEGA games that are represented on the list, that would take too long, but I hope the games we talked about was entertaining enough. Let us know if you agree or disagree with the top 100 SEGA games list and what your top three SEGA games would be in the comments below.

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Nintendo pulls the plug on online features for Wii and DS games

Nintendo of America has just announced that as of May 20th, you will no longer have access to WiFi connection service on their Wii, DS and DSi games. That will include features like online play, online leaderboards and anything else that it does online. All games will work perfectly fine online.

Honestly this move makes me more weary of Nintendo and actually makes me reconsider the idea of buying a Wii U. I know most people will post and say that I’m overreacting, saying not many people play DS titles online, but it sucks knowing that if we make a party on our forums to play Phantasy Star Ø, as of May 20th, we won’t be able to play online just because Nintendo decided they didn’t want to support online services going on to the next generation.

To see all SEGA games that will be affected, hit the jump.

Virtua Tennis 4 World Tour Edition Launch Trailer

Check out the launch trailer for Virtua Tennis 4 on the PS Vita. VT4: World Tour Edition includes some brand new features exclusive to the PS Vita including multiple control options, two player touch screen on one console, motion controlled first person view and more.

VirtuaTennis – 10 Years Gone

It’s a decade since Vitua Tennis first graced the Dreamcast, it seems to me like it was only yesterday I was around my best friends house sitting in their mothers living room playing doubles on Virtua Tennis with his brother. Ah- those were the days!

A decade on and now we’re sitting in our living rooms still playing VT when the mood takes us! I think it says a lot when a person like me, who despises sport of all kind, can still get hours of fun out of a sports game and I’ve wasted many, many hours.

I’m pretty impressed that Sega put together a 40 minute documentary on the history of Virtua Tennis. This is how you celebrate one of your classic series, take note Nintendo!

Years of the Dreamcast Part 2: Good Things Never Die

To Read Part 1, go here.

In July, reality finally caught up with me. Something had possessed me to join the SEGA forums. Because I hated being told that my name was already taken, and I figured the Knuckles name must already be taken given he’s such an awesome character, I decided to cut to the chase and just leave the K out of my name. Upon joining the forums, I discovered the Dreamcast had been canned and, being a teenager, I immediately latched on to the first online petition I saw. Those were the days. Keeping a thread ever present at the top of the forum whenever I got home from school or my friend’s house. Arguing with older, wiser, more realistic individuals like the naïve teenager I was, a large part of my Dreamcast experience came from defending it from bashers and supporting a petition that SEGA probably never even saw, let alone cared about.

Virtua Tennis coming to Playstation Vita

If you watched Sony’s press conference, you would know that the Playstation Vita is the name of the next gen PSP. In the conference Sony showed off this montage trailer. If you fast forward it to 2:17, you will see a tennis game.

This looks just like Virtua Tennis franchise we all know and love. Its not out of the question for this type of game to be on a handheld. I think the arcade style of VT would do really well on the Playstation Vita and other portables. Shoot, SEGA agreed when back in 2005 the PSP got its own Virtua Tennis game called “Virtua Tennis: World Tour”.

I would say chances are good that this is a Playstation Vita Virtua Tennis games.

SEGA just sent out the press release for this. This is a port of Virtua Tennis 4 and is confirmed to be a launch title.

Virtua Tennis 4 – Gameplay Trailer

That boat stage is absolutely beautiful, very blue, very Sega.

I stand by what I’ve said time and time again; there is no better tennis series than Virtua Tennis! Whilst VT2009 kind of dropped the ball. (Pun, lol) the other games in the series have all been really very good, including the amazing Dreamcast games and VT:World Tour on the PSP.

Virtua Tennis 4 is just as good, if not better! The world tour mode has been revamped and is really something special, and whilst the Kenect controls are a bit hit and miss, the Move controls are perfect and beat Top Spin’s efforts hands down.

Then there is the always welcome, always great fun mini games that for someone like me who isn’t a big fan of tennis add so much to the package and is fun to play with the girlfriend and family.

Virtua Tennis 4 UK Launch Trailer

It’s the Virtua Tennis 4 UK launch trailer! This trailer focuses mostly on the PS3 version and its Move control scheme. However, rest assured that the game will also be available with the usual controller based scheme for PS3, Xbox 360 (with Kenect) and Wii.

Being developed by the original VT development team in Japan gives me high hopes for this game and with a £1 million marketing campaign it seems Sega do too!

Mie Kumagai discusses VT4

Australian Gamer recently sat down with famed SEGA developer Mie Kumagai, the first ever female president of an internal development team (Hitmaker). She has worked on titles in the Virtua Tennis and Virtual On franchises.

In a surprisingly short interview, she discusses a bit about Virtua Tennis 4, and tells us that SEGA is looking to continue Virtual On. Hmm….

Check out the rest below.

[Source: Australian Gamer]

SEGA using open source 3D for VT4

Apparently SEGA is using a free to download 3D program to aid in the development of Virtua Tennis 4 in Japan. SEGA Of Japan technical artist Katsuhiko Omori said this in an email to the creators of Blender:


My name is Katsuhiko Omori and I work as technical artist at SEGA Japan.
One of my main responsibilities is to research new technology and evaluating them for a possible application for SEGA’s game titles.

In 2010, I designed a shader rendering pipeline for Virtua Tennis 4 (SEGA) with the help of Blender 2.4. I utilized the material node-editor to generate and compose different surface materials and fine tune the finale results. In this aspect, the node-system was an extremely helpful tool in exploring the possibilities of this artist oriented experiment.

VT4 adopted the ueber shader and thus was it possible to re-implement my designed materials and user parameters on the game console. The attached image illustrates the face-skin material – the most complicated shader. As you can see it is a rather complex combination.

It’s all Greek to me, but maybe some of our more computer inclined readers can make sense of it.

In other news, the World Tour Virtua Tennis 4 demo is now live on PSN. Go check it out now if you are a PSN+ member. If you aren’t you can check it out this time next week.

[Source: SEGA]

Virtua Tennis 4 – Xbox 360 Trailer

Here’s the Virtua Tennis 4 trailer for the Xbox360 version of the game, the trailer highlights the option of using either the Kenect control scheme or the usual controller based control scheme we all know and love.

I have to say, this looks like a really awesome Virtua Tennis game. Probably the best I’ve seen since Virtua Tennis 2. The World Tour mode looks really well done and I’m always down for some of the great mini games the series includes.

Virtua Tennis 4 PSN Trailer

“The No.1 Tennis Game Returns!”

Here is the PSN trailer for Virtua Fighter 4, highlighting the PS3 exclusive content like the choice between the Move or standard control scheme, the 3D option and the exclusive mini games. It also highlights some pretty good animations, graphics and ‘match momentum’, what ever that means! Not to mention brand new World Tour mode, Character creation and Online modes for up to 4 players!

The game looks awesome and releases in April 29th.

Virtua Tennis 4 Announced for PC!

Sega have announced Virtua Tennis 4 will also be available for PC. Virtua Tennis 4 will be available via digital distribution such as Steam across Europe and North America. Both versions of the fast paced arcade and home console tennis smash hit will be available summer 2011.

As with the upcoming console versions, Virtua Tennis 4 for PC contains an enhanced online mode including leader board support and a new social clubhouse where players can invite their friends over for party games and exhibition matches.

Continue reading for the official press release!

2011 – An industry’s hopes

MVCUK have quizzed a number of top industry people based in the UK regarding what they are most looking forward too in 2011, on that list is everyone’s favourite western Sega CEO in god knows how long Mike Hayes and Sports Interactive head honcho Miles Jacobson. Let’s see what they are looking forward to in 2011.

Miles Jacobson – Studio Director, Sports Interactive
“Having been lucky to try out a beta version, I’m most looking forward to the new Virtua Tennis release, with a Move and a 3D TV. I’m really looking forward to March’s Nordoff Robbins Football Extravaganza dinner which is sponsored by Tesco – it’s always a great night and raised over £350k last year.

Mike Hayes – CEO, Sega Europe and Sega America
“I want 2011 to be a great year for a little blue hedgehog – as Sonic is 20 years old in June.”

If Miles is looking forward to Virtua Tennis 4, which is being developed in-house at Sega Japan for the first time since PowerSmash 3 (Arcade) then I think that’s a good sign!

As for Mike Hayes; well shit man, so do we… So do we!

You can read the others HERE.