3D Outrun to have two new BGM, new car and more!

In the second wave of 3D SEGA classics, Outrun will return on the Nintendo 3DS in stereoscopic 3D along with a virtual Deluxe Version. SEGA and M2 has also included brand new additions to 3D Outrun.

One of the newest additions for the game are two BGM pieces such as “Cruising Line” from Black Rock Shooter: The Game  by composer Manabu Namiki and “Camino ami Amor” from Jane-Evelyn Nisperos.

Another few additions is a new car colored in green, five goals, and four other customization parts. 3D Outrun will be released in Japan on April 23rd. Hit the jump for the images.

The Weekly Five: Five Game Gear games that need to come to eShop

3DSGG copy

This may not surprise you, but I was a Game Gear kid. While everyone else was bringing their Game Boys to school, I happily chugged away on my full color backlit power house, playing Sonic Triple Trouble, Lion King and Lucky Dime Caper. So when I heard the 3DS was going to have its own handheld centric Virtual Console, I was stoked. Finally, some of my favorite games from childhood would be available to play on a modern screen!
So far, SEGA’s selection of Game Gear titles have been pretty solid, with only a handful of mediocre Sonic games ruining what is an otherwise fine selection. Yet, there are still some spectacular titles missing from the line-up, titles which should be given their due before SEGA calls it quits on the Virtual Console.

Tails Adventure and Crystal Warriors rated by the Australian Rating Board


Seems that Tails Adventure and Crystal Warriors could be heading to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console shop soon over in Australia. The Australian Rating Board has recently put a rating on both Game Gear titles, the rating states that SEGA Europe is the publisher.

It is awesome to see more Game Gear games are making it on the 3DS, since it was one of my favorite handhelds growing up.

SEGA of Japan launches SEGA Archives site

Just today, one of the SEGA producers who is in charge of bringing back many classic games that we all know and love has launched a new Sega website called “Archives.sega.jp” . It’s a web portal of all 150 titles available for digital services and a pretty neat web design too. The site includes digital games from the SEGA AGES Online line-up to the MODEL2 Collection. Just looking at all the games in one site brings back good SEGA memories I had back in the day. I hope we can get more games like Virtua Cop & Sakura Taisen next. Check out the site here with a click on the link.

Two more Sonic Game Gear games for 3DS inclu-DEAR GOD NO!!!

What?! I don’t und-…wh-WHY?!!

Okay, before I freak out some more, let me clarify. The Australian Clarifications Board has rated Sonic Blast and Sonic Labyrinth (the game that most people see as the WORST Sonic game of all time) for the 3DS Virtual Console. Now, I can’t say much about Sonic Blast because I haven’t played it. But from video I’ve seen and reviews it’s gotten it doesn’t look too hot. Then there’s Sonic Labyrinth. A game where Dr. Robotnik’s big idea to stop Sonic…is to steal his shoes. It’s the Sonic game where Sonic is SLOOOOW! Sega, these are the kind of Sonic games you bury like E.T. carts and never mention again. It’s the equivalent of Nintendo putting those horrible CDi games on the Wii. These kind of games only hurt his reputation and give the haters more fuel.

Sonic Blast and Sonic Labyrinth should be available later this year on the 3DS Virtual Console for the morbidly curious.

ESRB rates two Game Gear Games for Nintendo 3DS

Back in March of last year, Nintendo announced that Sega’s Game Gear games would be coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. Sadly, we hadn’t heard anything new since…until today! The ERSB has put up ratings for Sonic Triple Trouble and Shinobi. Both these Game Gear games were rated for the Nintendo 3DS. Looks like we’ll be getting them sooner rather than later.

Takashi Iizuka confirms Sonic 4: Episode 2

The guys over at Siliconera had a chance to ask Iizuka if Sonic Team is planning a follow up to Sonic 4: Episode 1, in which he responded:

“We named Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, so there will be an episode 2. Since this year is the 20th anniversary of Sonic we wanted to focus on Sonic Generations. We don’t have a release date or anything.But, we can tell you it will be in the near future.”” – Takashi Iizuka

Near future? Iizuka and his love for time traveling plots. In all seriousness, it seems that Sonic Generations is getting the physics for cassic Sonic right. Would be interested if the physics being used in Generations will be used in Episode 2.

SEGA has 20 games to release on 3DS

Well, that is what the new financial results sheet lead us to believe. But is this 20 retail games? Not very likely. SEGA has said they are thinking of releasing less games to retail and since they hardly release 20 games for a single platform, much less a new one, I don’t see this happening.

So why list 20? Simple, there is such a thing as digital downloads. I think SEGA will be hitting us with some of the Game Gear sweetness. Who knows, might throw in some SEGA Genesis in there, you know they love to re-release those.

[Source: Siliconera]

Puyo Puyo online Virtual Console hits Japan on Tuesday

SEGA already announced that they would be releasing the arcade version of Puyo Puyo on Virtual Console. But not only that, it was going to be the first Virtual Console title to have online play. Well, the game finally got its release date. April 12th and will cost you 800 wii points.

Of course the release date we are talking about is only for Japan, since it has not been announced for America just yet. Below is a screen of the wi-fi screen that allows the users to play with strangers, friends or show your firends code. Basic Wii online stuff.

[Source: AndriaSang]