Two more Sonic Game Gear games for 3DS inclu-DEAR GOD NO!!!

What?! I don’t und-…wh-WHY?!!

Okay, before I freak out some more, let me clarify. The Australian Clarifications Board has rated Sonic Blast and Sonic Labyrinth (the game that most people see as the WORST Sonic game of all time) for the 3DS Virtual Console. Now, I can’t say much about Sonic Blast because I haven’t played it. But from video I’ve seen and reviews it’s gotten it doesn’t look too hot. Then there’s Sonic Labyrinth. A game where Dr. Robotnik’s big idea to stop Sonic…is to steal his shoes. It’s the Sonic game where Sonic is SLOOOOW! Sega, these are the kind of Sonic games you bury like E.T. carts and never mention again. It’s the equivalent of Nintendo putting those horrible CDi games on the Wii. These kind of games only hurt his reputation and give the haters more fuel.

Sonic Blast and Sonic Labyrinth should be available later this year on the 3DS Virtual Console for the morbidly curious.