SEGA aware we hate mine carts in Sonic games

So, we all seen the leaks that made rounds about the internet. You know, the Sonic 4 leaks? Well, SEGA is not happy with that (obviously) and said that it was early concepts.

“Yeah it’s a shame such an early concept was viewed upon when the reality is that the game we have today is very different from that. My job as brand manager is to communicate with the consumer, letting them know how we react to this feedback. We took it very seriously that our build had been stolen and took measures with first party to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, but more than anything we want to lay to rest fan concerns that the game isn’t polished or doesn’t have what it needs and I think a big part of that message was extending the development and making sure that fans feel like they’ve been hard because they have been.” – Ken Baloughs, Sonic 4 brand manager

I’m pretty sure that the leaks actually helped the game in the end of the day. Lets be honest, you think they would have told us about the mine cart level? SEGA was very secretive about the game, they would have most likely just released the game as was, mine carts and all. But after all the fans saw it, they complained. Now we have extended development times. Good? Bad?

[Source: Destructoid]

Sonic 4 video interview on Gamespot

[Can’t embed the video due to automatically playing! That is annoying!]

Check it out, its a two for one for SEGA fans since they also have a preview of Ivy the Kiwi?
Gamespot has a interview with community manager RubyEclipse, where he basically admits that SEGA ignored the Sonic fanbase before? I wouldn’t jump on it that way, I do think they have been disconnected with fans due to being mostly in control by SEGA Japan.

Pretty fun to watch, actually the first “On the Spot” I have seen. I’m not too much into visiting IGN or Gamespot.

SEGA fires 73 workers, expanding digital content

SEGA has let go of 73 of its employees today, all part of their business reorganization as they move on focusing on social and digital games. 36 of the employees are from SEGA’s San Francisco branch and 37 from London. SEGA of America is said to be working exclusively on downloadable content int their newly formed digital division, while SEGA of Europe will act as the administrative hub, also handle console and PC games.

“In recent years, digital platforms have taken an increasing share of video gaming revenues and we believe this growth is set to continue, SEGA has already enjoyed commercial success within this new and exciting gaming medium and it is now the company’s intention to fully embrace change and set a strategy not only to maximize revenues within the digital space but, through innovation and quality, take up a leadership position.”

Mike Hayes says this is just Chapter 2 in SEGA’s continued evolution from being a hardware manufacturer.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 video leaks

Well there you go! A leaked off screen video of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 4’. You can clearly see four levels, Splash Hill Zone, Lost Labyrinth Zone, Casino Street Zone, Mad Gear Zone not to mention a special stage. Each seem to have three acts and a boss battle.

Four Zones with Three levels each and one boss means twelve levels in total, four bosses and a special stage. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a fifth final zone.  At the right price I think that’s a good amount of content for a downloadable game.

As for impressions,