Virtua Tennis 4 – Gameplay Trailer

That boat stage is absolutely beautiful, very blue, very Sega.

I stand by what I’ve said time and time again; there is no better tennis series than Virtua Tennis! Whilst VT2009 kind of dropped the ball. (Pun, lol) the other games in the series have all been really very good, including the amazing Dreamcast games and VT:World Tour on the PSP.

Virtua Tennis 4 is just as good, if not better! The world tour mode has been revamped and is really something special, and whilst the Kenect controls are a bit hit and miss, the Move controls are perfect and beat Top Spin’s efforts hands down.

Then there is the always welcome, always great fun mini games that for someone like me who isn’t a big fan of tennis add so much to the package and is fun to play with the girlfriend and family.

Virtua Tennis 4 UK Launch Trailer

It’s the Virtua Tennis 4 UK launch trailer! This trailer focuses mostly on the PS3 version and its Move control scheme. However, rest assured that the game will also be available with the usual controller based scheme for PS3, Xbox 360 (with Kenect) and Wii.

Being developed by the original VT development team in Japan gives me high hopes for this game and with a £1 million marketing campaign it seems Sega do too!

Toshihiro Nagoshi Talks Binary Domain

Binary Domain, Nagoshi’s new shooter, was revealed back in January. We saw a trailer that didn’t give much away about the game and we haven’t heard much about it since. Talking to Famitsu, Nagoshi didn’t give much away! Why? Because as much as he would like to tell you more about Binary Domain, he isn’t allowed to!

”To be honest, there’s very little that we can actually reveal at this precise time,” he admitted to Famitsu.
“There’s a lot I want to talk about; it’s practically all about to burst out of my mouth, but I just have to keep it all bottled up for now. All I can really say is that it’s getting better by the day.”

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Sonic Generations – Extended Gameplay

Check out this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it slightly extended gameplay!

There isn’t much to note, but it does confirm that the QTE’s of Sonic Unleashed and the ‘Good, Great, Awesome etc’ of Sonic Colours has been exchanged with a new trick system which fill your boost meter.

Virtua Tennis 4 – Xbox 360 Trailer

Here’s the Virtua Tennis 4 trailer for the Xbox360 version of the game, the trailer highlights the option of using either the Kenect control scheme or the usual controller based control scheme we all know and love.

I have to say, this looks like a really awesome Virtua Tennis game. Probably the best I’ve seen since Virtua Tennis 2. The World Tour mode looks really well done and I’m always down for some of the great mini games the series includes.

Virtua Tennis 4 PSN Trailer

“The No.1 Tennis Game Returns!”

Here is the PSN trailer for Virtua Fighter 4, highlighting the PS3 exclusive content like the choice between the Move or standard control scheme, the 3D option and the exclusive mini games. It also highlights some pretty good animations, graphics and ‘match momentum’, what ever that means! Not to mention brand new World Tour mode, Character creation and Online modes for up to 4 players!

The game looks awesome and releases in April 29th.

Anarchy Reigns Story Mode & Characters info!

Fresh from the latest Famitsu comes more info on Anarchy Reigns (Max Anarchy in Japan) this info is fills us in on story mode, setting and characters.

Anarchy Reigns is set in the future, the world is in chaos, war, biological and nuclear warfare, disease and disasters, you name it. Shit has hit the fan!

Humankind survives by the skin of their teeth with the aid of nano-bots and cybernetics.

The story takes place in the ruined city of Altanbra which serves as the play area. It seems as if each area of the city has its own gimmicks much like the layout of Mad World. One of the main draws of the game is that the cityscape will change in real time. Bridges collapse and even natural disasters will ravage the shell of a city. This sounds pretty cool.

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Dreamcast Collection – Launch Trailer

Check out the launch trailer for the Dreamcast Collection, (if you can be bothered….) In all honesty it’s as underwhelming as the collection itself.

If you pick up this collection you can expect to play two less than perfect ports, (Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure) a dated fishing game (Sega Bash Fishing) and the only redeeming game on the disc, Space Channel 5 Part 2.

Ask yourself, do I think this makes a good Dreamcast Collection? Is this how we want to celebrate the console we all love? I don’t! I think Sega of America knows how much some of us love the Dreamcast and are trying to play us like a fiddle. I understand this is volume 1 and that suggests more to come but I find it rather hard to get excited when REZ HD, Virtual On, Samba de Amigo and Chu Chu Rocket were also readily available.

You want me to get excited by this? Give me six great games on one disk… Not three mediocre ports and Space Channel 5. Good day to you sir.

Anarchy Reigns Gameplay Trailer

Yet another trailer for Anarchy Reigns, this time showing off game play for each of the characters that have been revealed so far. Jack, Zero, Sasha and Big Bull.

I’ve seen about 5 trailers for this game so far and I’m still not really sure what it’s all about… Other than multiplayer battles. I wish their trailers would have more information.

Anarchy Reigns – Big Bull Trailer

Yet another Anarchy Reigns/Max Anarchy character trailer, the new online brawling game from Sega and Platinum Games.

This trailer highlights BIG BULL, another character from Platinum’s black and white ultra violent Wii game MadWorld.

According to Andriasang,
Big Bull, the cyborg; a 31-year-old became a 2.88 meter tall 1.3 ton cyborg four years back. He uses the “Jet Hammer” as his weapon, so named because it usually serves as his jet propulsion system.

Sounds like fun!

Aliens Colonal Marines – Old Teaser, Good Quality

The title says it all really. I think it was E3 2008 when this teaser trailer was first shown off behind closed doors. Somebody out there was good enough to film it, secretly off screen. The video quality left a lot to be desired. wobbly and out of focus if I remember correctly.

Rejoice, aliens fans! Someone has recently been kind enough to uploaded a perfect quality version of the same video. It hasn’t been officially released by Sega, so this is kind of old news. But still, it is very pretty.

As for the game, Aliens: Colonial Marines in a recent interview with Sega’s Alan Prichard the game was again confirmed to be in development and we should be hearing more about it in 2011. Fingers crossed!

Sega Reveals Bayonetta Prototype

Sega have posted some neat gameplay videos of Bayonetta in its Prototype stages on their youtube channel. The Prototype almost looks as good as the final product and in a few instances I think it looks better.

Hit the jump to see the second video and what I think should have made it into the final product!

Vanquish – Launch Trailer

“Out this Friday 22nd in Europe, Shinji Mikami’s latest offering from the Platinum Games studio. Without provocation the Earth plunges into a new and ferocious war. A war that will only be won by those with the technological edge – an edge like the A.R.S battlesuit.

Fight, survive and claim vengence for the lost.
War has accelerated. This is VANQUISH.


This trailer looks awesome, the game looks awesome.
Go now… Buy Vanquish.

I’ll finish this post with a quote from the Euro gamer review;

“Vanquish is a trailblazer. It is a game of astounding creativity and polish, exhilarating on the ground in the moment-to-moment thrills of high-speed-to-slow-motion combat, as well as in its wider, twisting trajectory. Doubtless the best third-person shooter ever to come out of Japan, Vanquish builds on Western developers’ triumphs to push the genre in new, interesting directions, shifting the balance of power, and cementing Shinji Mikami’s position as one of the best directors working in videogames today.

[Eurogamer review]

Vanquish – Weapons Trailer

“Your enemies are many, your weapons are too. Take them out with flair, guile, skill, with no mercy!”

Boy, does this game look really good or what?!
I don’t think there is much left to say about this game other than ‘day one!’

I really love the outcome of the Sega and Platinum deal. So far Platinum has made the kind of games that got me into Sega in the first place. Fast paces, different, addictive and unashamed to acknowledge they are games not ’Interactive movies’. I hope the deal continues.

Release Date: 10/19/2010