Yakuza 5 western launch trailer packs a punch

Yakuza 5 is finally out in the West after three long years of waiting! While its not the best trailer I have ever seen for the franchise, its definitely one of the better American trailers I have seen. I’m glad SEGA figured that characters talking in Japanese in trailers is fine and won’t scare off potential buyers.

I have been playing Yakuza 5 on the PS3 and will have a review up in couple of days, but so far I recommend buying it if you liked the past titles.

SEGA announces Yakuza 5 release date for Americas and Europe: Tuesday, December 8th


Might as well call us YAKUZAbits given the news day we’ve been having. In addition to the announcement of Yakuza 0 for Playstation 4 in the Americas, SEGA has officially announced the release date for the long awaited localization of Yakuza 5, and it is not too far off. In fact, the game is set to release digitally on Playstation 3 this coming Tuesday, December 8th in the Americas and Europe. The 15% pre-order deal in the Americas will only last through Monday, December 7th! So best get on it before the game releases if you want to save some money.

Fittingly, December 8th is ten years to the day that the original Yakuza released in Japan in 2005. So SEGA seems to really want to please fans on the franchise’s 10th anniversary.

SEGA releases new Yakuza 5 screens, 2015 release date still stands


SEGA of America have just released a new batch of screens from the upcoming Yakuza 5, detailing the game’s supporting cast. Featured characters include ambitious lieutenant for the Omi Alliance Masaru Watase, the mysterious Osaka Detective, the Mad Dog of the Shimano Family Goro Majima, sadistic inmate Hiroshi Kugihara, and Sosuke Komaki. SEGA had hoped to release the game in November, but some development bugs appeared to have pushed things back. Still, the latest press release holds firm to a 2015 release date. The game will be priced at $39.99 and will release digitally to the Playstation 3.

After the break, check out the new screens!

Yakuza 5 screens shows off side-activities and play spots

Yakuza-5_2015_10-30-15_015SEGA’s Yakuza series has been well known for its side-activities and play spots sprinkled throughout the game.  But no game takes it further than Yakuza 5!

The game has activities like rhythm dancing, hunting bears, drinking, gambling, trying to get SEGA swag from a UFO catcher, playing Taiko Drum Master in arcades, and even driving taxis! So much to do, so little time.

Check out the screenshots after the jump. Yakuza 5 will hit PSN in Europe and North America sometime this month.

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These are Yakuza 5’s fab five protagonists

Yakuza5promoTry to say the title of this article five times fast in a Japanese accent! SEGA has released the following recap for Yakuza gamers that have waited too long for Yakuza 5 to actually release in the West. How long has it been? Three years? No problem, SEGA has you covered with their latest recap, so you don’t miss a beat.

Troubling is that SEGA still has no concrete release date, which is odd considering how close November is (a little over a week away). Lets look at the five characters you’ll play as after the break.

SEGA planning to release Yakuza 5 in mid-November “if all goes to schedule”


In a recent post on the SEGA Blog, it has been revealed that the December 31st, 2015 placeholder pre-order date for Yakuza 5 is not accurate. If all goes to plan, the game will release in mid-November. Why the uncertainty? According to SEGA, “a few weird development bugs that popped up in localization caused the delay”. So there you go, mark a potential mid-November on your calendar and SEGA plans to share more details soon.

The blog post also lists 5 movies to watch before playing Yakuza 5, and if that sounds familiar its because we listed 5 movies to watch in anticipation of Yakuza: Dead Souls. Nice to see the SEGA Blog taking a page from SEGAbits. 😉

Yakuza 5 now available to pre-order on PSN, includes 15% discount and theme

While we don’t know the exact release date for Yakuza 5 yet, SEGA has just announced that the game is now available to pre-order on PSN. What perks does pre-ordering a digital title have? 15% off the $39.99 launch price plus a free Playstation 3 static theme! SEGA has also released the third and final developer video, embedded above, featuring Gio Corsi of SCEA Third Party Production and his interview with Yakuza series General Director Toshihiro Nagoshi and Producer Masayoshi Yokoyama. Topics include the game’s music, the developers’ thoughts on the Western release and the game’s themes.

Update: Sony has confirmed that all the Japanese DLC will be included with each copy of the game.

After the break, check out SEGA’s official pre-order press release. Yakuza 5 is so close, who’s excited?

Yakuza 5 avatars hit US PSN – Could the game be releasing soon?

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 7.39.52 PM

While we await news of when SEGA will be releasing Yakuza 5 to the West, avatars for the upcoming game have recently hit PSN. Could this mean a release date is nearing? Those who have followed SEGA of America’s digital releases in recent years should be well aware of the fact that the company will release and announce the release date of a game on the same day, with the only real indicators of an upcoming release being things like PSN avatars being made public. While this is all speculation on our part, the fact that SEGA has quietly released these avatars for the upcoming game must mean something… right? In the meantime, enjoy a cool Goro Majima avatar for just .49 cents.

See all the avatars after the break.

Yakuza 5 developer interview part 2: Hostess Clubs and more

Just over a month later, we get the second of three developer interviews where Yakuza series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi and Yakuza 5 producer Masayoshi Yokoyama are asked questions by Playstation’s Gio Corsi. In this interview the people behind SEGA’s gangster brawler are asked about what inspired the hostess clubs in the game and how they came about to design the series protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu, amongst other questions. It’s been a long time coming, but it seems almost surreal we live in a world where Yakuza 5 has finally be localised and Shenmue 3 has been kickstarter, what a time to be alive.

With only one more interview left, let’s hope that we’ll hear a solid release date soon. Yakuza 5 is set to launch for the Playstation 3 this fall, get ready to crack some skulls and manage some idols.

Playstation does a Yakuza 5 interview with Toshihiro Nagoshi and Masayoshi Yokoyama

Its been a long journey for us Yakuza fans, I’m seriously surprised at the cult fanbase the franchise has garnered in the West. I have been pretty much into the Yakuza series since I heard about the first title, since it reminded me of a 3D Streets of Rage brawler mixed with RPG elements. After the sales failure that was Yakuza 1, I never thought we would really get a chance to play another entry in the west, guess what? We are literally in our 5th release (6th if you count Dead Souls) in the West and this one sets to conclude the journey.

The developers talk about their goals with the series, basically about how there weren’t many games that where aimed at an adult Japanese audience specifically and how that was the birth of the franchise. Check out the intereview and make sure to pick up Yakuza 5 this fall on Playstation 3.

SEGA confirms they won’t have a booth at E3 this year

So you guys already know the speculation, SEGA hasn’t signed up for a exhibition booth for this year’s E3. Of course, we thought that it would have meant that they were just going to sign up late, sadly that is not the case as SEGA has now confirmed to Game Informer via email:

“Over the next months, SEGA of America will be focusing on the restructure and relocation to Southern California, and we have decided to not attend E3 with our own booth this year. With the majority of our bigger titles launching later in 2015/2016, particularly those from our AAA studios Relic Entertainment, Sports Interactive and Creative Assembly, we are concentrating our efforts for some of these major announcements after our relocation. Instead, we will be collaborating with our various business partners for this year’s E3 show.”

It seems that them restructuring and moving to Southern California is to blame for their lack of E3 showing this year. Not only that, they will also be showing titles at other ‘business partner’ booths. I assume you can find stuff like Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax and Yakuza 5 at Sony’s booth for example. What are your thoughts on SEGA skipping E3 for this year?

SEGA and Sony partner up to bring Yakuza 5 to US and Europe


SEGA certainly kept us waiting on this one but it’s finally official, Yakuza 5 is hitting European and American Playstation 3’s for 2015. Partnering with Sony and part of the #buildingthelist hashtag, Yakuza 5 was one of the most requested titles and the dream is finally real. Talking about the announcement, series creator and software division head Toshihiro Nagoshi had this to say;

“After receiving so many requests from fans of the series, we have decided to bring Yakuza 5 to the US and Europe. This title was enjoyed by over one million gamers in Japan. I’m looking forward to seeing how Yakuza 5 will be received by the gamers in the U.S. and Europe.”

So far the only information we have is that the title will be available digitally via Playstation Network but that wasn’t all, also announced was Yakuza 4 and Yakuza: Dead Souls will also be released on Playstation Network.

Swingin’ Report Show #55: Localize It! with Segalization

This week’s episode is a special one, as Barry and George reunite to talk with Draikin and InTheSky of the SEGAbits partner site Segalization – a fan campaign dedicated to promoting the localization of SEGA games. While Western SEGA fans have enjoyed a number of great releases over the past few years, there are several titles that fans have never been able to experience due to SEGA not localizing hits from Japan for Western audiences.

Draikin and InTheSky talk about the inception of the Segalization campaign, and share their thoughts on how SEGA could go about localizing titles including Valkyria Chronicles 3, Yakuza 5, Yakuza Ishin, and Puyo Puyo Tetris. We also reveal another new partner site, Panzer Dragoon fan site The Will of the Ancients, and deliver the usual off topic banter. Enjoy the show!

Want to support Segalization? Visit their website, follow them on Facebook and Twitter and sign their petition to bring Japanese SEGA titles to the West!

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RUMOR: Atlus to bring Yakuza 5 to the West! [UPDATE]

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Update: Barry here. We have a bit of more news regarding this rumor. While EGM says one thing, a NeoGAF member says another. User jschreier shared the following:

I just asked a couple Atlus USA folks and they haven’t heard anything about this. FWIW. Seems pretty unlikely to me – they’re not a big company and they just announced like 4 new Persona games.

Original story: According to the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, Q-Mann (that’s their rumor guy) states that Atlus may be currently working on localizing Yakuza 5 to the West. With news of Sega giving Atlus some free reign when it comes to their IP’s and Atlus having a great localization team, this doesn’t seem so far fetched. Am I hyped? Check above the comments section and see.

Yakuza creator talks Ishin, Vita cross-play, smart phone development, testing the waters on Wii U, & localization


At the Tokyo Game Show, Edge had a chance to interview Yakuza creator Toshihiro Nagoshi. They talked about everything from the upcoming Yakuza Ishin’s size to smart phone development! Please go over to Edge to check out the full interview, though we’ll be telling you about the more news worthy quotes here.

When asked about the size of Ishin, Nagoshi compared it favorably to Kenzan, saying:

“It will be a bit smaller than our recent games, but a lot bigger than the Kyoto in Kenzan. Also, the map itself might not seem large but there will be a lot of rooms inside the buildings that you can enter, so the total will still be many times bigger.”