First Yakuza: Ishin details revealed by Famitsu


Even though Yakuza 5 only came out 8 months ago over in Japan, SEGA is already teasing the next title in the franchise, Yakuza: Ishin (Ishin apparently translates to Resurrection). So, why not just make Yakuza 6?

“In terms of volume and quality, we felt like we did everything we could with Yakuza 5. If I had to put it out there, I’d say that if we want to do another numbered title in the series, we’ll need a little time for that.” – Toshihiro Nagoshi, director of Yakuza series

Like we told you when the game was first revealed, you will take the role of a real life historical figure, Sakamoto Ryoma. The game will take place in mid 19th century Japan during the final years of the shogunate ruling.

Just like in history, Sakamoto was born into a low ranking Samurai clan known as Tosa fiefdom. Ryoma gets frustrated with the strict caste system, so him and his friend Takechi Hanpeita form a political group to reform the government and resist the rapid Westernization that is taking place in Japan at the time. The villain the the game? Saito Hajime, leader of the Shinsengumi group of samurai that are loyal to the shogunate.

SEGA’s next Yakuza game to take place in Feudal Japan again

SEGA Japan have just announced another Yakuza title, this one seems to be a spin-off titled Ryu Ga Gotoku (Yakuza in the West) Ishin. The only information we have is the logo and the image below, which reminds me of Yakuza: Kenzan, a spin-off on Playstation 3 that never made it over.

What platform is this being developed for? That we don’t know either, but since Nagoshi has stated before that Yakuza 5 was going to be his last Playstation 3 game, don’t be shocked that its SEGA’s first Playstation 4 title.  Guesses on Neo-GAF is that Ryu will be portraying the life of Sakamoto Ryōma.