Yakuza mobile sports a new art style

Yakuza Mobile will hit the GREE mobile services this month, they are already taking up pre-registration if you want in on the action. The game lets you team up with friends while you take back the streets of Kamurocho from invading enemies. The game will have a automatic fighting system, mostly like Mafia Wars from what it sounds like.

The story will be orginal and take place between Yakuza 2 and 3. Masayoshi Yokoyama, who is in charge of the series’ scenarios will be working on the project. If you unlock weapons and items in Yakuza Mobile, it will be possible to transfer them to Yakuza of the End (that is coming out this upcoming March). Check out the screens below.

[Source: AndriaSang]

SEGA reveals Yakuza Mobile & of the end release date

SEGA has been teasing a Yakuza announcement since Monday. What is all the racket about? It seems that SEGA will have a Yakuza Mobile (Ryu ga Gotoku Mobile) that ties in with their games. Not many details have been posted in terms of gameplay, but it is revealed that you will be able to trade weapons for the mobile game to Yakuza of the End on the PS3.

Talking about Yakuza of the End, SEGA has also announced the Japanese release date for the game. It will be hitting store shelves on March 17th, a year and two days after they released Yakuza 4 over there.

[Source: 1up]