Yakuza of the End could hit the West with different name

[Yakuza: Goro Majima the fantastic]

Of course SEGA can say yes or no on any future Yakuza games being brought over, what with Yakuza 4 coming out very soon. But the guys from Siliconera had a great interview about what it takes to bring Yakuza games to the West. When asked if SEGA would bring over a spin off like Kenzan:

“In terms of the older games, I can really speak to that at the moment. Because currently from the Yakuza franchise we have Black Panther, Kenzan, and now we have Of the End. Which all intents and purposes is a working title for the West, we don’t know what it’s going to be called. I think the possibility is there. We haven’t closed the door on any of those titles. We’re always looking at what might be the next title that will be appropriate for the Western market.” – Yas Noguchi, Senior Producer Yakuza 4

Sounds like ‘Yakuza of the End’ is leaning more towards a yes, since they are already saying it’s a code name in the West or is this just me wanting a game badly?

Read the rest of the great interview over here.

Yakuza twitter app: In a world of nobodies, tweet like somebody

SEGA has teamed up with Genesix to deliver a Yakuza themed iPhone app. This application will allow you to do what most other apps already allow: tweeting, posting photos and sharing shorten links in the twitterverse.

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The app is free and comes with 6 themes to toggle between. You can download it here. Now I wish I had an iPhone so I could use the app to update our twitter…

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Hands On Impressions: Yakuza Of The End

I’ve recently played through the Japanese demo of Sega’s upcoming Yakuza of the End. A spinoff sequel to Sega’s popular Yakuza franchise where zombies help take a bite out of (organized) crime. (With all due respects to Mcgruff the crime dog.) Is there enough meat in this demo to sink your teeth into? (Okay, that was lame.)

Yakuza of the End demo hits PSN tomorrow

Yakuza of the End demo will be hitting PSN in the upcoming Japanese update. So if you have your Japanese accounts at hand, get ready to download this. The Japan store is weird and takes down demos all the time, so play it safe!

The demo lets you play as Shun Akiyama (From Yakuza 4) and shows the game’s Gun Shot Battle system. You will also be able to play with partners and play spots like the hostess club and Boot Camp section. Awesome.

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Wondering how Ryuji Goda got a Gatling Gun arm?


Ryuji Goda was the main villain in Yakuza 2, he held the title of Dragon of Kansai. Now? Now he has a big ass gun for an arm. How did this happen?

He actually wanted the new arm, it seems. After what happened in the Yakuza 2 (go play it and find out), Goda became a target for people trying to climb up the power ladder, and was always under attack. So to end his troubles, he decided to ask an old man named “Gun Smith” (clever name? LOL) to make his arm into a gatling gun.

After he got the arm, he wondered what he would be using it for and just like that, zombies start appearing and his arm basically paid itself off.

Here are your Yakuza of the End Japanese commercials

Yakuza of the End is having two commercials running on the television right now. One (above) is called “Game Version,” and the one after the break is called “Story Version.”  Now you can walk around your neighborhood screaming:


You can now hit the jump to view the next advert and wish Yakuza 4 and this one came out back to back.

Want to touch hands with Toshihiro Nagoshi?

[Example: This guy could be you!]

SEGA is going to hold an event where you get to stand in line to meet Nagoshi, shake his hand, and get your Yakuza-related items signed by him. This event its being held to promote Yakuza of the End.

If you live in Japan and want to stalk all locations to be extra creepy, check here. You get extra internet respect if you dress up like Kazuma or don’t wash your hand for a week.

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Yakuza of the End – Partner System, Gary’s Bootcamp & Kamurocho Underground

SEGA details how the Partner System works in Yakuza of the End. To get different partners, you will have to complete sub-stories. Some sub-stories are unique to a playable character. Such as, Kazuma will have sub-plots he completes to get a person to be his partner. Once you unlock a partner, you can share him between all four playable characters.

We already know that if a hostess loves you enough, she will also be able to be your partner.

Toshihiro Nagoshi throws praise at Sony’s NGP (PSP2)

Nagoshi loves his Sony products. The Yakuza series has been exclusive to Sony, so it isn’t that big of a surprise to see him praise the ‘Next Generation Portable’ (NGP) that was announced last month. According to Nagoshi, 3G is a big deal.

“This is a big deal, Wi-Fi has gotten more accessible in Japan compared to before, but you could hardly call it enough yet. When it comes to Japan, if you want to be able to connect to the net no matter where you are, your mobile phone’s how you’re going to do it. Going with 3G allows the system to be on the same playing field as every phone out there in terms of connectivity, and I think that says a lot about Sony’s drive to make the NGP a success.”– Toshihiro Nagoshi

Some of the issues that Sony had with the Playstation 3 were the difficult and high cost of development, something they might have actually learned from. According to Nagoshi, porting titles is simple and cost effective. Nagoshi’s own team ported over a cutscene from Yakuza of the End running in real time on the NGP hardware for Sony’s Playstation Meeting last month.

Yakzua of the End features monsters

We already know that Yakuza of the End will feature zombies, we covered this for many posts. This time we will start off this posts with the monsters in the game. The one above is called “Tsuchigumo”, which is actually based on legend. Then there is the Basan, which has dragon wings and can fly (pictured below).

Some of the other zombies already confirmed are tribal, which are the street fighters and the bloated ones that look disgusting. They will leak acid while you shoot them.

Monsters of Yakuza of the End

[Source: Siliconera]

Yakuza of The End Shown on Next Sony Portable, NGP

Sony’s NGP has been revealed tonight, and among the developers talking about the device was none other then SEGA’s Toshiro Nagoshi, famed – and tanned – creator of Yakuza and Monkey Ball. Yes, the video above is Yakuza of the End running on PSP2. Yes, this device is friggin awesome.

This was shown at the “Playstation Conference” to demonstrate how easy it is to port existing PS3 games to PSp2 and still keep the same quality. Nagoshi says its just a tech demo for now, not an announcement of a port.

Yakuza of the End gets awesome Famitsu DX bundle

From Famitsu’s online store,  Japanese consumers will be able to purchase a special ‘Famitsu DX bundle’ version of Yakuza of the End. The bundle will include, along with the copy of the game, an awesome-looking stainless steel tumbler.

If that wasn’t enough, Japanese consumers who pre-order the game right now will be given the “Yakuza Karaoke Best Selection” soundtrack for free.

Damn must feel good living in Japan and getting neat extras like this, in America they cut content and give you ‘free updates’ as pre-order bonuses.

[Source: Siliconera]

Yakuza of the End now featuring celebrity zombies

SEGA held a press confress to announce 3 celebrity zombies that you will be able to find in Yakuza of the End.

The three zombies are:

  • Esper Ito – A Japanese comedian, considered to be one of the funniest. More info.
  • David Ito – David is an actor, mostly famous for his appearances in TV dramas. More info.
  • Terry Ito – Stage producer turned movie director. You can find more information here.

Three celebrities, with the same last name all turn into Zombies? Something is going on! Check out the rest of the screens below.

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Two new Yakuza: Of the End Trailers – Amazing!

With every new trailer and every new bit of information we come across the crazy Yakuza spin off title ‘Ryu Ga Gotoku: Of the End’ AKA ‘Yakuza: Of the End’ just looks better and better.

I hope with this title the series starts to get the recognition it deserves in the West because Sega pulled off a pretty amazing feet putting out a Yakuza game the size of any good RPG pretty much year on year and each time it has got better and better with the exception of Yakuza 3 which didn’t quite live up to the events of Yakuza 2, story wise in my opinion. With this and the English release of Yakuza 4 I’m going to be deep in the Japanese underworld all year in 2011!

Hit the Jump for trailer two!