Yakuza of the End zombie types detailed

[Sexy zombie researcher? Check]

You can’t just have a game with zombies, that doesn’t work. You have to have classes of zombies, every game has to have a variety of these brain munchers and Yakuza of the End is no different. Famitsu this week introduced a few of the classes you can expect in the full game.

  • Yakuza type: These are those annoying people that challenged you to fights in former games at random, now sharp dressed zombies. They aren’t very strong.
  • Nakionna Type: “Nakionna” is those women you see crying at funerals. Them, as zombies, will scream for back up. Take ’em out!
  • Homeless Zombie: Homeless people are zombies too, you know? Even though they are zombies, they act the same… however homeless people act.

If you haven’t seen the other pictures, that lady in white is Reiko Hasegawa, a sexy zombie researcher. She will keep you informed on all your zombie craving news.

[Source: AndriaSang]

Yakuza of the End has forklifts, start Shenmue nostalgia

Seems that the Yakuza development team is showing some Shenmue love by giving players the ability to drive a forklift in the zombie filled city in their upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive.

The forklift was listed in the latest Famitsu magazine, which listed a bunch of other vehicles a player could use. This included tanks, armored cars and bulldozers. So maybe a forklift is the least badass of the vehicles announced.

It has also been confirmed that crazy Goro Majima will be able to use a flame thrower, chainsaw and rail gun. Each character will have their own unique weapons.

[Source: Siliconera]

Yakuza of the End’s partner system detailed

SEGA is changing up the Yakuza formula, not just adding more gun play and zombies, but a ‘partner system’. The partner system is called “Aibo wo Tsukurou!” or in English “Let’s make a partner!”

If you clear some sub story missions you will unlock partner characters, which you will be able to level up and bring with you to challenge dungeons called “Kamurocho Underground.” While fighting you will be able to give them commands.

Some of the partner characters will be returning faces like Kazuto Arase and Makoto Date. To level up your partner characters a user has to go to “Gary’s Boot Camp”, which is run by Gary Buster Holmes, who you might remember from the first two PS2 games.

Yakuza of the End soundtrack cd has manliest cover ever

For Japanese consumers that pre-order Yakuza of the End, they will get a full Karaoke soundtrack CD. The name of the soundtrack is “Ryu Uta: Ryu ga Gotoku Karaoke Best Selection” which will contain tunes from the game.

You will get a total of 10 songs on the soundtrack cd, being sung by Kiryu, Majima, Akiyama, Goda, Hana and Haruka. Click here to see the full list of songs.

[Source: AndriaSang]

SEGA reveals Yakuza Mobile & of the end release date

SEGA has been teasing a Yakuza announcement since Monday. What is all the racket about? It seems that SEGA will have a Yakuza Mobile (Ryu ga Gotoku Mobile) that ties in with their games. Not many details have been posted in terms of gameplay, but it is revealed that you will be able to trade weapons for the mobile game to Yakuza of the End on the PS3.

Talking about Yakuza of the End, SEGA has also announced the Japanese release date for the game. It will be hitting store shelves on March 17th, a year and two days after they released Yakuza 4 over there.

[Source: 1up]

New Yakuza announcement coming Thursday

Are you ready? The Yakuza website is teasing an announcement for Thursday? What could it be? Most of their announcements are always quite obvious, a new game in the series most of the time. Another PSP game?

Maybe they will port this one to the Xbox 360? How long have we heard people hope for that. Would be good, at least in America. Could be the Yakuza of the End release date, since Japan hasn’t gotten a official date.

[Source: AndriaSang]

List of mini games in Yakuza of the End

Well, maybe taking out hostess to dates (did you know they back you up against zombies?) and killing the undead isn’t your thing. Maybe. But if you played the past Yakuza titles, you will know there are mini games scattered across the city. Famitsu has listed some in their newest issue.

Yakuza: Of the End, Still a Brawler

The Japanese website for Yakuza: Of The End has been updated with a new
screenshots detailing brawling game play. Fantastic news because there is nothing more satisfying than punching a zombie square in the face. Fact.

While the new 3rd person shooting element of this Yakuza spin off could have easily been the main focus of the game on its own. I’m happy to report the return of what made Yakuza so popular in the first place; Streets of Rage style street brawling.

Only this time you get to break objects over the rotting faces of zombies instead of the faces of punk kids and rival Yakuza families.

Hit the jump for the screens!

TGS round up would make Toshihiro Nagoshi proud

[Nagoshi having a rest or tanning?]

So now that TGS is behind us and we are sprinting into fall, let us look back at all the awesome SEGA announcements and news bits we posted.

News bits:

Trailers & Videos:

Screenshots & Photos:

Don’t worry, there is still news to come. We will be stalking the internet trying to get all the Phantasy Star Online 2 information we can. As you can tell, I’m are most excited for this title. Best TGS in a long time?

H and Takenobu Mitsuyoshi at SEGA TGS 2010

Sorry I didn’t get this up sooner. Youtube was being really slow for me. For anyone who hasn’t seen this video yet, I hope you enjoy it! Songs that Takenobu sings include what looks like a Yakuza song, a Hatsune Miku song, and Daytona USA – Let’s go Away.

Seeing Sonic and the whole crowd dancing is awesome.

Photographs of SEGA at TGS

The guys over at SEGA Online have posted 66 photos of SEGA at TGS. So sit back, put on Pictures of You by the Cure and  enjoy the photographs. Did I mention most of the photographs are of women?

If I did not know any better and just saw the photos, I would assume that Japanese females that love to cosplay dominated TGS. They just walked around by the thousands. It is a nice feeling to have.

For the photos, check out SEGAonline.

Yakuza of the End TGS 2010 trailer

The game is looking incredible. I hope this game gets a western release. It seems that Haruka has been kidnapped and there are zombies everywhere. Oh, Kazuma is going to have to beat them up and force them to give him money.

Transforming hands to machine guns, Goro with a shotgun? Where do I get this game, I want!

Yakuza of the End is full of zombies [Update]

Seriously, seems that Nagoshi was serious when he said he could make a Yakuza zombie game. The latest screens in the newst Famitsu is filled with the undead.

Is this SEGA’s answer to Dead Rising? You know how we Westerners love our zombies. Should be a interesting TGS, Nagoshi posing with zombie hookers.

[UPDATE: More scans, including some gun action gameplay screens!]

SEGA TGS: 3 unannounced game slots!

SEGA will be streaming their press conferences via UStream, thus they have a schedule. You know, so you can call in sick at work to watch Nagoshi pimp out some Yakuza games. But that is not all, there are three press conferences that say ‘coming soon’.

One of those ‘coming soon’ confrences lands on September 16th and if you saw that Valkyria Chronicles 3 teaser last time, you will know it said “Not to be open till 9.16”.

My guess is that the three games will be Valkyria Chronicles 3, Red Entertainment’s newest project (Sakura Wars 6?) and Sakai’s PSO 10th anniversary project (PSO2?). Hit the jump for the Ustream schedule.

Yakuza of the End supporting cast

We already know the main players for Yakuza of the End, now lets have a look at the supporting cast and their voice actors.

SEGA showed off 6 supporting cast characters today, including some of the first in game models (as you can see above and more after the break). SEGA, like in Yakuza 4, is using 3D digitizing technology to scan voice actors, so they resemble the new characters they will play. Well, all did this besides one… we have another returning character from Yakuza 2…