So, new coat of paint… tell us what you think

So, finally a the new theme we’ve been working on for months and months is up. I know some of it might not seem like it’s been worked on for months.. mainly styled stuff that’s specific to wordpress, when I was making the template that stuff I kind of forgot about. So today when I was making the template into a wordpress theme I quickly jammed a bunch of the old code into the new template for wordpress specific stuff, so it’s a bit messy. I’ll be working on getting that stuff looking better throughout the year or so. I mean it doesn’t look super bad, just doesn’t look good as it could.

By major request, the dark theme is back, the dark theme that we had back during segabits 2. This theme is styled a bit differently, but still dark!

At the moment there are no rotating banners, we need to get our current ones re-sized for this new layout, but they will be coming back soon. As always, if you bump into any issues, you can leave a comment here. You can also leave positive comments too, we like positive comments!

Anyways, I apologize for putting up a rushed theme, but I recently got the motivation to finally get it up, and I wanted to get it up before I lost that motivation again.