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List of TBA (WIP, Not Yet Released / Finished) Games on SEGA Console


Sega Master System Brawl

Bio Evil

Cave Story MD

Tetrogen Classic


VergeWorld: Icarus

Dr. Mario

Mega Man: The Sequel Wars (Wily Wars 2)

Satan Ball

Sonic Team Racing

Alien Hates Japan

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow

Stone Protectors - Special Edition

Journey To Oblivion

Bite The Bullet: First Course




Mega Fast Road


1985 World Cup


Aratu Brothers

Shaolin Carcará

Perlin & Pinpin


Alexandra Project

Blazing Chrome

Lethal Wedding

Cthulhu: Tentacles of Hate

The Legend of Leyria

Dragon's Castle


We Got Dungeons!


Killer Shinobi


Irena Genesis Metal Fury

Catgirl Pool Party

Adventure of Lolo

Mega Darkula

Papi Commando Tennis

Trouble Lotus

Solitaire In Space

Operation Alexandra Mega Drive

Kung-Fu UFO

Bull's Hour

Space Madness

SquareUp - paint for Sega MD


Mega Atoms!

Project Topper

Duke 2

Apeels Court

Rol 'An' Go

Street Fighter Alpha

Revenge of The Cleiton

The Viking & The Ninja

Battle City Crossover

Barbarian III

Yie Air Kung Fu Remix




Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja (Genesis port)

Wallop The Wallaby

Martian Attack

FoxyLand 2

Thunder Paw


Summit City Showdown

Goof Troop (SNES port)

Ruthless Racer

Breakers (port from Neo Geo)

Barbarian (Psygnosis)
Space Adventure Cobra

Star Ark

Omega Blast

Bombjack (arcade port)

Bonk’s Adventure Port

A(...)M(...)96    (Title not yet revealed)

Mega Dracula

Beer Pong

Adventure Land

Civilization Gen

The Cursed Knight

Field of Nightmares


Sydney Hunter and The Curse of The Mayans

Space Flies Attack

The Shifting Catacombs

Super Buggy Champ

Tron Genesis


Chip 'n Dale RR 2 Remastered

Project K.O.

Maldita Castilla

Cosmic PI

Bomberman in Battle City

Project Z

La Loi de la Lance

Alex Kidd in Miracle Worlds (SMS port)


Mega Wing

Gradius II

Mega Drag Racing


Artic Cascade

It Came From the Desert™: The Action Game – Extended Cut

Mega Bargain Hunters

Violent Dragon Rabbit

Asuka 120% Reborn

Shrine Maiden Shizuka

Speed Ball

Sheepie Genesis


Street Fighter port

Robo Breaker

The Cursed Cube

Mega Fallout: Cassandra's Path


Silent Hill Genesis

Alice Sisters

Viking Democracy


Mega Monster Maze

Bone Marrow

The Chaos Engine 2

Super Contra MD

R-Buster Heroes

Dj Chip Warrior

Space Disgrace: Alien Attack


Insane Pain

Shinobi (Arcade Port)

Neutralizer III

Scorpion Illuminati



Tyranosaurus Tex

Anguna: Warriors of Virtue

Crypt Crusaders

Fred et Seb Contre Les Jeux Pourris


Dangerous Dave 2

Fight for Vengeance

Mysterious Song

The Story of Arthur


Ninja Mitsuo

Tiger Hero Legend

Warrior Dragon

Lyle in Cube Sector MD




Ultra Air Hockey

Bull's Hour


SEGA Master System :

Anguna The Prison Dungeon

Ninja Cat

Castlevania the New Generation

Heroes against Demons 2

Stella In Adventure World


Super Mario Bros Kidd

Project Treasure


Mega Man II

Rick Dangerous


Twin Maze

The Banketh

Teenage Mutan Ninja Turtles (TMNT 2 NES Port)


West of the Deads

Piracy: The Chest of Doom

Lain vs The Castle Of Evil

Mantissa Experiment


Monkey Lad


Dead Gunner

Sub Rescue

PC Kid (Bonk Remake)


Pole Position SG1000


SEGA Game Gear :

Mr Ultra

Mr. Banana

Hamburgers En Route To Switzerland2


SEGA 32X :

Mega Marble World 2

Ultra Air Hockey




SEGA Saturn :


Breakers Clash in VG's World / Verdict Guilty Clash

Forsaken Plane

Blood Stigma: The Mystical Escape

Survival Code


Z-Treme Engine FPS


SEGA Dreamcast :

Pokemon Go VMU

Okinawa Rush




Feet of Fury II

Wings of Bluestar

Saber Rider and The Star Sheriffs

Hypertension: Harmony of Darkness

Alice Sisters



Sydney Hunter & The Caverns of Death


Rizzo Island

Amnesia : Psychic Spelunker

Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior

Beat Tendency



Jenny's Reunion

Drancia Dreams


Little Ninja

Donk ! Samurai Duck

Age of The Beast

Twist It

Yumi Samurai Warrior



Tahi - The Arocean War

Super Noah's Ark 3D


Redux 2

Shadow Gangs

Snatcher Remake

In The Line of Fire

Swirling Blades

Project Bennu


Elysian Shadows


Summoning Signals

Coven of Ebony

Mortadelo y Filemón: El sulfato atómico

Moving Day

Non Casual Encounter

Reaperi Cycle

Survival Code


L' Abbaye Des Morts

Guns of Mercy


For 2015 go here
For 2016 go here
For 2017 go here
For 2018 go here
For 2019 go here
For 2020 go here
For 2021 go here

If anyone knows more games that aren't on the list, please comment. I'll update it.  :)
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Thanks for making these! I'll share this post on our twitter account.

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Thanks for making these! I'll share this post on our twitter account.

Thanks. Appreciate all kinds of more visibility, hope that could keep all these games' developer/programmer still enthusiastic to continue their project.  :)

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Added Scorpion Illuminati

Scorpion Illuminati is an open source homebrew rhythm game for the Genesis/Mega Drive, written in Motorola 68000 Assembly language.
Scorpion Illuminati is licensed open source under the Artistic license.

Source :

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Added Duke Nukem for Master System

Duke Nukem is a hack of Alek Kidd in Miracle World made with KiddEd (by Calindro).
Work in progress 45%

Demo is available here :

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Removing Invasion (Genesis and SEGA CD) and put them in 2016 releases topic.
According to their official website and facebook page, their games are ready to ship this month.
Waiting to get one since I've registered for pre-order last month.  :)

Source :

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Added an unofficial conversion of Gradius II for Megadrive

This fantastic horizontal shooter only made its way onto the Nintendo Famicom, Sharp X68000 and PC Engine CD, all of which remaining as Japanese exclusives.
Sega Mega Drive
owners, however, may soon be sampling this exclusive shmup thanks to an unofficial conversion.
Japanese homebrew developer Nendo16 has been showcasing his work in action each step of the way.

Source :

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Added port of Cave Story for Megadrive/Genesis.  :)

Originally Cave Story is a freeware platform-adventure video game released in 2004 for the PC.
But now you can play it in many systems. (DS, Wii, PSP, Xbox, 3DS).

You can download the alpha version (v 0.1.0) here :

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Added port of Bomb on Basic City for Megadrive/Genesis.

Remember Papi Commando ?
The SEGA Genesis homebrew game that released on June 2015 ?
Well, Papi is back now. With a new gameplay !!!  :)

Source :

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Added Super Buggy Champ for Megadrive/Genesis.

Super Buggy Champ is an upcoming racer inspired by Out Run and Buggy Boy.
The game will get a physical release but still uncertain of exact details yet as it's early days.

Source :!

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Added MARKanoIIId, Monkey Lad, and Weka Invaders for SEGA Master System.

You can download the beta version of the game here :

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Progress for Project Y (SEGA Genesis/Megadrive):

- Currently working on Intro presentation before the Menus.
- Extra boss has been created, that has a Bazooka as a weapon... he's gonna be a wink at Rambo Style
- Beta Testing on cartridges
- Full Trailer will be coming soon

Some of shared concept artworks :

Ingame Teaser Trailer :

Source :

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Added Super Noah's Ark 3D for SEGA Dreamcast

The Dreamcast version would no doubt be outsourced by Piko and developing duties would fall to Isotope Softworks, perhaps best known for their recent work on SlaVE for the Dreamcast. It’s unclear if the 128 bit version would be much different to the later Steam / OSX port of the game, but Isotope would be using their 3DGE Engine which would suggest the game would indeed run and look better on the Dreamcast.

source :