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General Gaming Discussion / Re: SEGA Anime Topic - List & Streams
« Last post by Berto on Today at 02:21:05 am »
SEGA News Bits LIVE: Shenmue the Animation Update

If you enjoy our SEGA News Bits segments and want to support us: Give us a sub and give this video a thumbs up so it shows up on more like-minded fans YouTube recommendations.
You know, how that YouTube algorithm is.

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SEGA News Bits LIVE: Shenmue the Animation Update

If you enjoy our SEGA News Bits segments and want to support us: Give us a sub and give this video a thumbs up so it shows up on more like-minded fans YouTube recommendations.
You know, how that YouTube algorithm is.

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Share your Dynamite Dux memories for the upcoming SEGA Talk!

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SEGA Talk #81: Dynamite Düx & Bean the Dynamite Retrospective
The lead characters, Bin & Pin were the inspiration behind Sonic The Fighter's Bean the Dynamite

SEGA Talk’s quack attack is back, Jack!
This time we’re talking about Dynamite Düx!
We’ll talk about the small team behind this cute beat ’em up (“sweet ’em up”?), how it ties to Sonic Universe, including tie-ins to Bean the Dynamite, and even have a gander at a naughty hidden NSFW ending! Oh my!
All this and more, on this episode of SEGA TALK!

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Super Robot Wars 30 – DLC #1 includes Sakura Wars
Demo now available for PS4 and Switch

The following series will join the Super Robot Wars 30 roster as part of “Downloadable Content #1,” which is due out in November:
1. Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack – Beltorchika’s Children
2. Sakura Wars series
3. Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V
4. Super Robot Wars OG series

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Tails as The Scientist and Knuckles as The Hunter were good ideas.
Choosing a bat as Vampire is indeed the most logical sense I think,
But I'd prefer Rouge become a mummy, like her in Sonic 30th Anniversary Art Book : Life in Sonic's World Vol.1

Blaze on the other hand could be ... um I don't know, ... what's a ghost with a fire theme?
The Website of the Dead / Re: The House of the Dead III
« Last post by Mystic Monkey on October 15, 2021, 10:00:28 am »
I can't recall if I ever played THotD3 or not. I remember playing the first two on Saturn but that's about it. As I mentioned before such arcades aren't as common where I lived.
No, he doesn't show up in Shenmue.
The most famous cameo I think is Dynamite Deka (aka Die Hard Arcade).
Its deadline Mode allows us to play as Segata Sanshiro and beat the entire game under a certain time limit.

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I did not know...

*Checks YouTube videos of Dynamite Deka Deadline Mode*

Oooh that model would be perfect! But alas Dyanmite Deka is not on Model Resources.
Party Mode is my favorite part of Sonic and Secret Rings.
Just changing their background into haloween theme could made me want to play them again.

That  storybook idea "Sonic and the Blood Moon" is interesting.
But may be change the title since I don't think "Blood" is a suitable title for kid-friendly Sonic games.
Unless the game is for mature players of course.
I think I ever read somewhere that there are some words that can't be used a title if we want the game to get E rating.
"Sonic and the Red Moon" is fine. As long as the reason why it's red is kept in.

In S&tSR, just as Erazor Djinn cast the Flame of Judgement on Sonic that limited his time.
In S&tBM would have a similar curse put on him after the main villain leaves a nasty cut on his arm and stains the moon with a drop of his blood. As the moon gradually turns red throughout the adventure so little is Sonic's time.
But this dark ritual unlocks a familiar power to Sonic, allowing him to become the Werehog for certain stages. The gameplay of these stages are similar to Die Hard/Dynamite Deka in gameplay.

I haven't thought of a good name for the Big Bad or the Companion yet, but I know the roles of Sonic's friends counterparts:

Shadow and Rouge = The Vampires. They are servents to the Big Bad, but eventually Sonic convinces them to turn against him. While not specifically named they are based after Dracula and Camilla.
Tails = The Scientist. After Sonic helps him subdue his "creation", he convinces him to be more compassionate to his creation. The scientist is based after Victor Von Frankenstein and his creation after Frankenstein's Monster.
Knuckles = The Hunter
. Stereotypical monster hunter. Fought Sonic as a werehog and was baffled the werehog showed him mercy. When he put asside his prejudist against monsters is willing to help Sonic fight the Big Bag. His attire is based after Gabriel Van Helsing.
Blaze = The Mummy. She was asleep in a sarcophagus found i the Big Bad's collection. She possesses an amulet that concentrates her fire into solar light that burns vampires and Big Bad.
General Gaming Discussion / Re: GOTY 2021 - Persona 5 Strikers !!!
« Last post by Berto on October 15, 2021, 12:25:16 am »
Nintendo Recommends Persona 5 Strikers To Check Out On The Switch OLED Model

The Switch OLED has already been out for a week, and while everyone has been trying out their own favourite games to see just how colourful and vibrant the display is, Nintendo has shared its own recommendations about what to play on this device.
It's an interesting selection of Persona 5 Strikers, Eastward and the more recently released Tetris Effect: Connected.

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Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute western limited and collector’s editions pre-orders open October 17

While each game is available now worldwide as individual digital releases, as well as via a physical collection in Japan (with English subtitles), the Strictly Limited Games version is the only announced official collection release for the west.
Here are the details, via Strictly Limited Games:

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