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Cool Sega toys and action figures....offical and unofficial...

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Sometimes its easy to take for granted the character design of so many Sega video game characters..until you see what they look like in the flesh toy kinda makes you appreciate them a bit more.
Also its kinda sad that not only won't you see more games with some of these figures/toys but Sega is so disorganized that you won't see many toys/models based on their characters outside the usual lot that they won't even bring over themselves...
Here's some cool stuff worth loking at...





Sigh....If only...Sega got themselves together and put out a shop online with all these figures..even the custom made ones and sell them..i'm sure there would be enough takers...

Okay so they didnt get her face right at all, but:

Let's not forget this gem from way back when.

And the gashapons too..  :)

Barry the Nomad:

--- Quote from: Moody on October 13, 2014, 10:46:44 pm ---Let's not forget this gem from way back when.

--- End quote ---

I have two of those, one opened and one sealed. :D

I also like their Crazy Taxi toys:


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