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Sega in the Charts

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Sega in Japan

2 End of Eternity 131,576     131,576
8 End of Eternity 28,194     28,194
9 Valyrie of the Battlefield Two 22,635     120,747
26 Phantasy Star Portable Two 6,277     556,433
40 Yakuza Three 3,512     547,079
63 Mario and Sonic at the Vancouver Olympics 1,961     213,552
65 Mario and Sonic at the Vancouver Olympics  1,889     148,629
68 Puyo Puyo Seven 1,715     235,280
85 Puyo Puyo Seven 1,189     45,126
124 Bayonetta  526  208,820
134 Puyo Puyo Seven  405  31,763
164 The House of the Dead Overkill 226  17,197
165 Let's Make a J-League Soccer Club Six  219  157,239
167 Project Diva 216  171,193

Sega in Third

These numbers are all fairly decent. I would expect a nasty drop off for End of Eternity next week though, as it is an RPG, and on the PS3 to boot. I would go so far as to estimate it dropping to about thirty or fourty thousand.

The sales drop for Valkyrie PSP, while disappointing, aren't really unexpected. The franchise swapped platforms. While its debut week was stronger, the fall off was much worse, which is also characteristic of franchise games. And while we're on the subject, it looks as though Valkyrie on the PS3 is at about 840,000 units world wide, and chugging toward a million. I hope this becomes a major franchise.

Phantasy Star Portable 2 is doing much better than I had expected, so I really have no complaints on that front. It seems to be doing quite better than Phantasy Star Zero, and all told I think is helping to push the series into a new bracket of popularity in Japan.

The Puyo Puyo numbers are commendable, and are also par for the course with recent prior games in the series.

Oy. Can this be a sticky? Please  :mrgreen:

Ever since the re-release of Yakuza 3, the game continues to sell quite a bit, Yakuza 4 has every possibility to become the best selling Yakuza game on current generation consoles, so long as the Playstation 3's sales doesn't drop down to sub 20,000 units. Hopefully the release of GT5 would also mean the re-release of Yakuza 4 has a larger audience for the game.

Also made into a sticky.

Good lord, you don't have authority here do you?

And I meant to make  point about Yakuza 3 selling quite well, especially given the install base. And it seems to be hanging on to its numbers on the charts quite well. Its kept a pretty steady pace. I can see it passing the 600,000 mark eventually.

As for Yakuza 4, I'm saying it will debut between 375 and 425 thousand week one.

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