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Speed demon !!!
Mind is like a compass
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Not Enough Rings – A Sonic the Hedgehog Parody Comic

--- Quote ---Not Enough Rings follows Sonic as he speeds through his SEGA Genesis adventures.
The strips are packed with funny nods to gameplay quirks, plot points, and character traits.
The whole collection is really a love letter to the classic Sonic games with just enough naughtiness to retain that SEGA edge.
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NiGHTS into Dreams into Comics
The Dream Starts Here !

--- Quote ---The comic began by introducing a blacksmith, driven by his dreams to create a gleaming golden spire (the same spire seen on the game cover and menu screen!).
Little did the smith know that he was being controlled by Wizeman the Wicked to create a spire identical to one found in Nightopia, the land of dreams.
NiGHTS and Reala are introduced as lackeys of Wizeman (!) who have just captured the two dreamers of the real world who only appear once every century, these being two kids of the 1800’s.
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The comic of Shin Sakura Taisen the Comic can be read here officially (Japanese) :

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Looking back on Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic

--- Quote ---Through some typical comic-level logic, Super Sonic begins as a sort of ‘Hulk mode’ for the hedgehog, a split personality he would tap into when becoming too stressed.
Through some more comic logic, the two split into detached beings.
This new, separate Super Sonic became the main antagonist, a nightmarish red-eyed parallel to the protagonist.
Yeah, it’s a little ‘edgy’, but it’s that lovable 90s edge.
I had to re-read through the comics a little to remember what they were like, but Super Sonic was something I haven’t ever forgotten.
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