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Favourite (non-Sega) Games!?

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Title says it all really, what are they?

For me...
-Monkey Island series
-Worms series
-HalfLife 2
-Carmaggedon (when I was a kid)
-Team Fortress 2
-Big Red Racing
-Zork (Grand inquisitor/nostalgia value!)
-StarFox 64

-ill keep thinking-

Barry the Nomad:
This is going to be difficult!

Power Stone 2
Rayman 2
Disney's Aladdin  (Genesis)
Ghostbusters (Genesis)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The HyperStone Heist

I prefer Powerstone to Powerstone 2.

Rayman 2 is one of the best platformers created imo; in fact it's one of the best games on the DC.

For me it's probably:

Uncharted 2
Battlefield Bad Company
Zelda the Windwaker

Contra series
Metal Slug series
Sunset Riders/Mystic Warriors series
Star/Warcraft (not world) series
Mario series
Crime Fighters 1
Age of Empires series (ES only)
Castlevania series
Wild Guns
Diablo series

I'll only just put this game down because I played it recently buuuuuuut.

Batman: Arkham Asylum is really great, the best superhero game I've ever played (Although considering the releases prior to this, not that hard to do I guess!) there is just so much attention to detail in everything that it's hard not to like this game, Rocksteady obviously either studied the character/franchise extra hard or do a whole lot of research, one of my favourite parts of the game (SPOILERS BELOW)

You can find Ra's Al Ghul's dead body in the morgue, after you have completed the game, the body is no longer there! How cool is that?

It felt like the ultimate Batman adventure, his gadgets, how you get to solve the problems, really it did feel the truest interpretation of the character in a game. The voice acting was pretty good too! Glad to see they got Conroy and Hamill on board for the voice acting, nice touch. The only problem is some of the boss battles (Well one in particular) are not as awesome as they can be, but damn does the gameplay and the lead up to the end all make up for it. really cannot recommend this one enough!


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