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Sega Saturn Heroes - Astal, Segata Sanshiro, Bug, Mr. Bones, etc

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Post anything you want (pics, memories, opinions, game collection, memes) about SEGA Saturn related here
especially for character that doesn't have their own thread (Astal, Mr. Bones, etc)

Ones whose thread already existed :

Burning Rangers
Deep Fear
Fighting Vipers
Fighters Megamix
Golden Axe
House of The Dead
Last Bronx
Marvel Super Heroes
NiGHTS into Dreams
Panzer Dragoon
Puyo Puyo
Sonic The Hedgehog
Virtua Fighter


Adding video about Sega Shiro, the son of Segata Sanshiro
It's still related I guess

SEGA Talk Podcast: Segata Sanshiro

--- Quote ---Please almighty Segata Sanshiro! We need to stop playing our SEGA Saturns for just one hour to talk about your greatness!
On this SEGA Talk, George and Barry discuss the inspiration for SEGA Japan’s Saturn mascot, as well as the many commercials and the legacy Segata Sanshiro left behind
--- End quote ---

Article :

DEATH BATTLE! : Chuck Norris VS Segata Sanshiro

Segata Sanshiro Shinken Yuugi

--- Quote --- As a marketing vehicle, Shinken Yūgi faithfully captures the Segata Sanshiro spirit.
But as a game, its uninspired ideas of what constitutes amusement leave a lot to be desired.
Still, let it be said that after playing through the game, it’s easy to understand what makes Sanshiro such an appealing character.
--- End quote ---

Article :

SEGA Retrospective: The Commercials of Segata Sanshiro

--- Quote ---From comes this cool mini-documentary on Segata Sanshiro.
The video gives a few fun facts about the campaign, a little history, highlights some of the best commercials and ends with an awesome music video.
Check it out… unless you want to be placed in a headlock.
--- End quote ---

Article :


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