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Sega Saturn Heroes - Astal, Segata Sanshiro, Bug, Mr. Bones, etc

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Travel Beyond 'The End of the World' in Grandia !!!

--- Quote ---Grandia originally released for the Sega Saturn on this date in 1997.
Justin and Feena travel beyond 'The End of the World' to Alent to discover the secrets of a mysterious ancient civilization.
This brilliant RPG was made by the creators of the Lunar series.
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Source :

Interview: Jacob Andersen (Designer: Amok & Scorcher)

--- Quote ---Sega-16: Amok was Lemon’s first game for the Saturn. Reportedly, it started out as a 32X game and was shifted to Saturn when Sega discontinued the add-on. Is this true? If so, how far along was the game on the 32X?
Jacob Andersen: As I remember, it was more a question of the Saturn becoming a valid option, so we decided to switch. I don’t remember it being very far, so it wasn’t a big deal.
At the time, there was no PlayStation in sight so I guess everybody thought that this was the future platform.
We did eventually start converting the game to the PlayStation along with the PC, but the project fell apart at Scavenger’s ultimate demise.
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Article :

Grandia (Sega Saturn) English Translation Patch Version 0.9.1 is Out

--- Quote ---At this point everything should be in English.
Also added FMV Subtitles and a few other bug fixes.
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For limited time Grandia HD Collection (Switch) can be purchased at 50% OFF the original price.
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Link :

Calling Karate Experts for SEGA Saturn Demo Discs


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