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Project Sekai Colorful Stage! - Parasol Cider / MORE MORE JUMP! × Megurine Luka

CHUNITHM NEW PLUS International Version - "Commemorative Ticket"!

--- Quote ---It’s the very first day of CHUNITHM NEW PLUS!🤩
To commemorate the launch of new version, we will distribute "Commemorative Ticket"!!
These tickets are only available from 8/18-8/31!

The effect of this ticket is "CHARACTER RANK BOOST (x6) / MASTER, ULTIMA, WORLD'S END playable".

Please go to the game center and play CHUNITHM NEW PLUS before 8/31! It will be lots of fun!!

✨Hope you all enjoy the new version!!✨

--- End quote ---

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maimai DX UNiVERSE PLUS International Version - 3 New Songs!

--- Quote ---Let me share the update details which is available from today (19 August 2022)!😆

We will have following 3 songs which will be available right away:
🔸enchanted love
🔹Caterpillar Song

You say one of the song titles is not listed?
Don't worry, it's listed correctly.😜

And we will be making one other announcement next week.
Maybe some of our dear players can guess what we are going to announce.

Stay tuned for next week!📣

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HATSUNE MIKU: COLORFUL STAGE! - Leo/need Artwork by ptro0929

--- Quote ---Leo/need had a blast at Seaside School!
Summer vacation is almost over~ ☀️
What memories did you make? 🏖️

🎨: ptro0929 on Twitter
--- End quote ---

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HATSUNE MIKU: COLORFUL STAGE! - icedrop by aqu3ra 3D Music Video - MORE MORE JUMP!


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