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Polygon Interview with Yuji Naka (producer) and Takao Miyoshi (director) on Phantasy Star Online 20th Anniversary

--- Quote --- Yuji Naka : "The MAG system was initially supposed to involve a fully fleshed-out, animated pet-like creature, but due to various reasons, we had to limit this pet to an object floating over your shoulder. In early concept presentations of PSO, we had a monster-like creature that evolved over the progression of the game. If that idea had been greenlit, we might have seen a different type of PSO game."

Takao Miyoshi : "There were a few things that we couldn’t accomplish in PSO. I mentioned earlier that an early concept was to have the players start on islands and to travel to other islands to discover and explore. Another thing was to have your own room and make your own shop, display items for sale, etc. These were ideas that were dropped early in the planning stages of PSO, but we were able to include [them] in PSU."
--- End quote ---

Full Articles :
Yuji Naka :
Takao Miyoshi :

Episode 4 Chapter 8 is live on the servers which sets the scene for the episode’s conclusion.
Later on Episode 5, prepare to meet the beloved PS heroine, Alis Landale.

Did You Know That Phantasy Star Online 2 Was Censored in its International English Release?

Article :

Sega announces that the western launch of Phantasy Star Online 2 has pushed the game past one million users

Article :

Prepare to save Vandor, a wold ruled by power of swords and magic!
Prepare to battle against Idola !
Pre-registration for Idola: Phantasy Star Saga is still available now!!!

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