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List of 2022 Games on SEGA Console (Genesis, Dreamcast, Game Gear, etc)

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Full video of the exclusive Kickstarter "Irena Genesis Metal Fury" demo reserved for campaign backers

--- Quote ---This new version has various improvements and tweaks:
- Ability to skip dialogues
- The special attack is more aggressive against the bosses
- New effect on scrolling in the first part of level 2
- Added a new background in the first part of level 2
- Improved performance
- Fixed a sound problem in the "Briefing" scene (Reported by FelineFrequencies)

Irena Genesis Metal Fury is a new shmup for the SEGA Mega Drive.
The game is currently in development and this video does not reflect the final product.
--- End quote ---

Link :


--- Quote ---MEGA MAN: THE SEQUEL WARS is back after a complete renovation!
The fan-made sequel to Wily Wars will let you relieve the underrated Mega Man 4-6 trilogy with a fresh 16-bit coat of paint.
Coded from scratch in C, it avoids all of Wily Wars' gameplay issues and delivers a gameplay experience on par with the originals, while still running on real SEGA GENESIS hardware!
EPISODE RED is the first release in this project and will cover the entirety of Mega Man 4 in both original and reimagined form.
A demo release with a limited selection of levels will come in December, while the full game release is slated for 2022.
--- End quote ---

Discord: SokZaJelo#8305

Added Gaiares (LRG Retro-Bit version) for SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

--- Quote --- In this re-release, we've paid homage to its original release while also having the opportunity to speak to former playtester at Renovation Products, James Bunker who was featured in various ads for the game! 
Additionally, Retro-Bit will make a donation per purchase to the Video Game History Foundation in our mutual efforts for game preservation.
--- End quote ---

Links :

Gaiares (SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive) by Retro-Bit Publishing Trailer

Added Insane Pain for SEGA Genesis/ Mega Drive since the game is planned to be released on December 2022.

--- Quote ---It was more exciting than a thriller, but we actually did it!
The Kickstarter campaign was 104% funded.
At this point we would like to thank everyone who gave us a chance and supported our project.
It is not a matter of course for us, so a huge thank you!!
--- End quote ---

Link :


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