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Ryo Hazuki and Kazuma Kiryu were born in 68.. twin brothers?

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east of eastside:

Ryo Hazuki

Age 18 -Shenmue 1 (41 present)
Height 176 cm (5' 9")
Weight 65Kg (143lbs)
Blood Type O
D.O.B. 29th November 1968
Place of Birth Yokosuka, Japan

Kazuma Kiryu

Age 41
Height 184cm (6' 1")
Weight 88kg (193.6lbs)
Blood Type O
D.O.B. June 17, 1968
Place of Birth (????) Raised Sunflower Orphanage Kamurocho, Japan

I just realized Ryo and Kazuma were born in the same year.  They share the same blood type, too?  Hmm...  Orphanage records error for Kazuma could explain the D.O.B. difference.

Is there anything that would definitively rule them out as brothers?

DON'T. :cry:

Sega Uranus:
Kind of interesting, but I have no idea why you would think they are brothers.

First off, they are not even from the same universe, and second of all, it is just a coincidence. Blood types are not always shared with brothers either.

Do you mean Twins?

Theres not much to go off really, Aki-at, Sega Uranus and Me were all born within a few days of eachother, but we certainly aren't brothers.

I doubt there is any connection, but like you said in the other thread, it would be cool if there was some references to Shenmue events/characters in Yakuza etc. Even if it was just mentioning an old gang from the 80s called the Mad Angels or something.

The only way they could be brothers is with different mothers since they were only born five months apart.  

Edit: Oh yeah, just saw your note about possible orphanage error in date of birth.


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