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Brothers, let us gather around -Dreamcast R.I.P Feb 14, 2001

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east of eastside:
This is a moment of remembrance.

Everyone bow their heads and gather around, please.

I was just thinking it was around this day that Sega canceled our dear console all those years ago. I took a look at wiki and, unless it is wrong, it has the date as Feb 14, 2001 which would be 9 years ago today.

Seems like yesterday.. (tears starting to stream)

The great joy she was to our lives is the great void we feel today.

There will never be another like her.

To our beloved console,

May she rest in peace.

Dreamcast Feb 14, 2001


Dreamcast never died, what you on man?

Barry the Nomad:
The Dreamcast will never die!!!


Barry, why haven't you invited the people from the Dreamcast Junkyard here, do you hate them or something? Hmmmmmmm?

It's still thinking, damn it. What kind of thread is this?!?!?!!


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