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Out of all the marvel super heroes who is your favorite one and why? Posted this because lately I'v been getting into marvel  :P

Captain America has always been my favorite Super Hero of all time. I think my interest in his character really took off when Ed Brubaker started writing his series. The new Cap movie is based entirely on his story.

He was my favorite for a long time as well but Cable always seem to be next to him. I think i liked Cable more because he kind of like saves all the heroes from dying and he just looks like a badass but idk cap i grew up with so its hard to pick for me.

First I'll say that I have hardly read comics so my exposure comes from games, the cartoon from the 90's, and fansite/wiki browsing.

Gambit is my answer. Gambit is suave and dandy-like but has a heart and beat a kill-or-be-killed youth that, while it has an impact on him as a person, he seems to have beaten for the most part. I think his power is cool, it's not omega busted or a concept I find stupid like Franklin Richards or Scarlet Witch or the Hulk, and is a little more interesting than just having an elemental power (I like Iceman, but...) or super strength/speed.

Forgot all about Gambit he's like the most badass heroes in marvel i think i read once that he could blow things up by just looken at it but then someone took that power away from him.


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