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Non-Megadrive songs, done Megadrive style

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These were created using the ultimate Sega Genesis soundfont. Call that "cheating" if you must, but it's still turned out some interesting results.

What do you guys think?


interesting find.

upsidedown fuji:
I think the NiGHTS adaptation was the best of the bunch. It also happens to be one of my favorite tracks. The Genesis/MD sound processor was a pretty good tool but it also produced some real bad sounds too.

Megadrive music is awesome. I could listen to it all day. ^__^

Sega Uranus:
Yeah, the Genesis has my favorite soundboard of all time. While I cannot think of any really good remixes off the top of my head, there is a huge amount of stuff I would love remixing with it.

Cool topic idea though, I hope it does not die anytime soon.


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