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Best/Favourite Commercials of all time

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Sometimes you just see an ad and love it so much you could watch it over and over again and enjoy it more than the show it interrupts. I'm sure we've all got a few that are either funny, or clever or just plain impressive.

Here's one of my all time favourites, brilliant idea and execution
Golf GTi: Singing in the Rain

Here's one that's just plain funny:
Carlton Draught: Made from Beer

From the same brewers, very impressive and funny ad:
Carlton Draught: Big Ad

Here's one I don't personally like all that much, but it's considered one of hte best ever made. Even though it's not a personal favourite I do think it's very good and well made, and fits the brand perfectly.
Guinness: He Waits

Another of my favourites some great stunt work.
Rexona: Over the top protection

I LOVE anything made by Robert Abel & Associates. They were wonderful special effects wizards for their time. They were one of the studios that did special effects for the original "TRON" movie.

A demo reel containing many of their early 1980's commercials.

My favorite of their 7UP ads.

A quick collection of their logos.

Their first ad for 7UP - the one that really put them on the map.

A nice, surreal Levi's ad.

Another Levi's ad that I find to be very nice.


Virgin Mobile: Come to life. Come to sexy.


Sega Uranus:



I could probably think of a ton more, but I could not find my favorite one (an N-Gage commercial, of all things), so  :x


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