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Happy Cat:
I'm in the process of increasing my understanding of JavaScript and thought it would be fun to see if there was any other programmers here on bits. Maybe we could help eachother and give advice on things we are stuck on. Even with different syntaxes, programming languages share the same core concepts.

If you aren't familar with programming languages and are feeling brave check out this ebook with examples you can interact with. it's great. Is what I am studying off of at the moment.

also programmers are indeed the master race of our modern day world. without them.. well.. we'd be pretty screwed.

Desktop Class reporting in.

"Some" Knowledge of Javascript
Average knowledge of C++
Above average understanding of Visual Basic(lol)
Currently self teaching C, soon to add Java.

Very basic knowledge of MS-DOS Assembly Syntax. Will probably seek to learn UNIX-style assembly for applicability.

Dev tool is currently Orwell Dev C++, or Visual Studio may add Netbeans(For Java) to supplant Eclipse, or switch to code::blocks. Vim and Cygwin may also be acquired however I'm unsure of those.

Yeah, I'm a web-dev professionally and a hobbyist Android Game developer (So decent with Java, C++ and C#). Good to see some devs here. Maybe we can make this thread a mini Stack.

Might as well add some resources book wise. These are what I'm using.

The C Programming Language(Second Edition Post ANSI) - Colloquially known as "The C Bible". Frankly for such a small book, it's not leaving any stone untouched so far. It really is quite comprehensive. An old book granted(Current standard is C11) but it still remains a fascinating read as I go through it.

The Practice of Programming - Most examples in this book are less about language learning and more about applicability. Most Examples I've noticed so far are in C/C++ and Java.

Elements of Programming Style - This book cost me an arm and a leg for a used copy(granted it was in good condition). Mainly skimming this book, it centers on habits and writing code that isn't worthless the minute the original author stops writing it. Programs in this book take a bit of getting used to, as they are written in Fortran or PL/I rather than C.

Microcontrollers: High Performance Systems and Programming- Got this as a gift from one of my professors(He's the author). C and Assembly lessons mostly. Haven't skimmed this one too much.

Introduction to Java comprehensive Version(6th edition) - Haven't really started much on this one yet due to C cravings, but as you can tell, it too is a bit dated. I will have to make up for this gap elsewhere.

And Finally Both the Beginning and Professional Android 4.X development books. Like it's Java twin, I haven't really touched on these yet as I'd rather get some C going first.

Still will be looking to pick up more books, but that will have to wait until I have a steadier income. Just thought I'd share these anyway.

I like your programming things; I do not like the "master race" in the topic title. or any word of that. So I am ranting about the title. Everybody does their part, so people should cut it out with the master bullcrap.

Programmers are not the master race of anything. They are slaves of the current trends soon to be outdated. People do not need computers at all; they need products. Products that are dime a dozen. Only a few programmers ( which I doubt is on this form ) can actually use their knowledge to anything amazing or interesting that would wow most people.

To make things worst many programmers are working against privacy and rights of people. They call it making a living because they do not really use the computer for anything; but they understand how it works. Seriously stuck inside of a room with air conditioning; and a face full of math. Hurray. Whoopie. No danger; just

The only reason a person could code; is because they have nothing ( nothing worth mentioning ); that they do at all. Oh look this person turns a knob; that person changes a tire. Just qualification after qualification.

If you want to call yourself a master skilled worker; or something along that lines. I am sorry you fail. The only reason why people like computers ( the majority ) is because of the media they use with it ( videogames, etc ). That time has gone now. People are getting sick of computers more and more often. In a world ( a sad world ) where we do not print books and we have cybernetic implants; yes programmers will be around.

a squaresoft employee said "Without the comics ( Manga ) videogames would cease to exsist".
That is what programmers are. People who make those magnificent works of art show up on the screen. Looking back a majority of artwork is what turned people heads to even purchasing or playing videogames at all.

In fact the only reason I want to play "Final Fantasy" ( or most FF games ) is the creative content; that communicates with the purchaser. They are speaking my language ( in terms of creative content ). I mean we got creative stuff in the west as well; but they aren't doing that comic book thing they do in the east. If so it is mildly being done. I mean yeah the material is bland but it communicates with me.

Speaking of which FF12 battle system makes the game boring. It is adopted from the MMORPG game. However never have I seen such beautiful characters, and beautiful world and CGI in an long long time. I can even stand to listen to the English langauge version of it; because the acting is actually good and not commercial Disney highschool bs FFX acting blows and makes you want to mute the entire game. If I heard or saw bs about programming would you think I would pick up the game alone? Look at .Hack the PS2 game ( great big game, but barely anything hacker about it asides Digimon.

You think we cared about Yuji Nanka and Megaman creator? No. We cared about the ficiton that was before our eyes. Videogames are nice but without the creative content; everybody would be a lot faster, spend less money. Thanks to a writer, cartoonist, and animators, we got see dancing Robotnik and other Wacky Sonic characters. All a programmer did was made us control the action of Sonic.

I am not dissing programming. I am just saying programmers are no master anything. Guess what? In my neck of the woods; their are tons of people with programming bachelors ( which I might end up with as well ) and nobody wants them. They just outsource and most people who do the work are barely enjoying anything from it.

I look at programmers and they are doing work; nobody wants to do with their programming skills.
So the way I see things; great you got work; your happy. Nice atmosphere, but remember nobody brought SEGA goods for their programming efforts.

End of rant
End of line

About books mentioned

I have the
Program Language C ( ANSI C ) Brain W
etc etc right next me. It is setting next to my other non-related book. It is very interesting book to read. When I go back into it; I will talk more logic about it.

Only books I have is

Programming Assembler 5 ( typical textbooks )
Problem sloving with C ( basically C++ intro course book )
Building Java programs ( useful book for begininers )
A first book of C++ ( basicall Problem Solving but it is C++ ).

I have some more but I doubt I will use them as of yet.

Bottom_line you can't even program no matter what book you have.
You need the kit ( Developers Kit, and manual
( whatever it is called ); that comes with an computer/machine. All knowing program is just makes it easier on the eyes to translate. Take the unofficial devkits for the PCE and genesis.

Yeahhhhhhh.......... Another about programmers a lot of ( as far as I remember ) them are religious folks apparenlty in some cult or congregation. I am talking west wise. I mean the good top programmers. Also I don't get, why many programmers come off as jerks to everybody. So far two people into games act like jerks ( in response to me, in the past ) and they make programs for  things I love.

I keep saying this to myself. If I was in Japan; like a native I would have no problem in putting together a crack team of people and making something.

Without procrastinating programmers wouldn't have nothing else in their lives. Stop that MR bs.
I don't mean to be rude ( the irony ) but programming is only needed because people are addicted to products. It is dumbing down our society everyday.


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