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Recording PC game Software?

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So I've been trying to capture some footage from a Sega Saturn emulator, but I can't seem to find any decent video capture programs to use. I tried using Jing Free, but it only records in swf, (and avi converters don't seem to work well at all), and it seems a little choppy.

I then tried Screen Camera, but that records and plays like a slideshow.  :x

I heard that Fraps works quite well, but I dont' want to try downloading another program right away, anyone know what works, or had any success in the past?

Fraps works. It's not free, but it works.

Happy Cat:
It's free if you know the right way of obtaining it.

Google - > "fraps torrent"

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I tried FRAPS too, but it also seems to only record at about 3 frames per second.  :cry:

Looks like no video capture for me.


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