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Hey guys, just thought it'd be cool if we posted sales going on. I usually check out daily sales so i'll be posting some updates when i get a chance. Feel free to post as well. I'm a huge budget gamer now so i'm always on the look out. It doesn't necessarily have to be game related either, if you want to post movie sales that'd be cool too.

Here are a few for today


Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - $29.99 + Free Shipping -

Far Cry 3 - $19.99 + Free Shipping -[type|link[postId|658595096[asin|B0050SYV70[authorId|5856732741879800112

BioShock Infinite: Premium Edition - $44.99 -


God of War: Ascension - $26.99 -[type|link[postId|658595096[asin|B007TYC8MI[authorId|5856732741879800112

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch - $34.98 -[type|link[postId|658595096[asin|B007A7UJ4S[authorId|5856732741879800112


-Free Walking Dead Episode 1
-Free Battlefield 3
-Arkham Asylum - $5
-Mortal Kombat - $5
-Scott Pilgrim -$2
-Shadow of the Colossus -$5
-Ratchet Collection -$7.50

I'll probably come up with a better format for this later, but this is my first post for Sales today. Enjoy.

Happy Cat:
Ratchet Collection is a really good price for PS Plus! Definitely gonna have to get that.
Arkham Asylum too i suppose.. i heard it's a good game, just not a big fan of batman!

already own shadow of the colloseus in the ICO HD collection, but that seems a good price too

Also Scott Pilgrim vs The World is very much worth your two dollars.

Nameless 24:
I always see July 4th as a "Fuck you Britain" a good natured context. XD

The sales for "FUB" aren't that bad actually...

Bro, 75% off of Sonic All-Stars Racing 2, bro, even has free DLC today, bro. Free to play this weekend (bro).


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