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Happy Cat:
Valkyria Chronicles seems to be doing pretty good.

Didn't know SEGA Superstars tennis was still selling.  That means All-Stars Racing will probably sell well.

It sells at 19.99 and most sales on 360 are from the pack in, so do not overstate it.

Barry the Nomad:
I bought the retail version of Superstars Tennis yesterday used for $2.99. I already owned the pack-in version, but wanted a new case that wasn't 50% Arcade and covered with sticker goo.

Plus Beat was on the back cover.

Now Sega should announce to us how much they sold for the online version of PSP2.
 Probably not much, since this selling system is not popular in Japan... yet.


Appearnely a NPD leak show Bayonetta did 100,000 for the Xbox360 and 60,000 on the Playstation 3. That means even MadWorld's first month of 66,000 outsold the Playstation 3 version. Darksiders also outsold it 2 to 1. No More Heroes and Dark Void also for those who cared (Less than 25,000)

Considering the market push from SEGA, looks like it might fail to meet North America expectations.


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