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List of 2024 Homebrew Games on SEGA Console (Genesis, Dreamcast, SMS, etc)

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Added The Sword of Stone for Game Gear
Expected release date : September 15, 2024

--- Quote ---The world of Mindevil is in danger!
Begin a journey as one of three characters, each with their own origins and objectives, in order to reveal the true intentions of each of the leaders of the kingdoms, and if possible, to prevent the all-out war that is coming.
French publisher 2Minds has reopened their online store as well as opened pre-orders for a new narrative exploration adventure for Game Gear titled “The Sword of Stone”.
In addition, they’ve also  ...
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Article :
Demo :

Added Whack 'Em Smack 'Em Byrons for SEGA SG-1000

--- Quote ---Eight stages of whackin', smackin' fun (and an ending, should you get good enough to finish them all) are included in this beta version of the game, available for the ColecoVision (and coming soon to related formats like the SG-1000 and MSX). Whack 'Em Smack 'Em Byrons was created by JessCREATIONS, with the development environment CV Basic. (Yes, it's made with BASIC ...
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Download the rom here :

Campaign To Secure Refunds For Paprium Kickstarter Goes Live

--- Quote ---Paprium has been in the headlines of late for all the wrong reasons.
The game began life over a decade ago; a Mega Drive / Genesis version went up for pre-order in 2017, but only a tiny handful of copies made their way into the hands of buyers, with a great many other customers still waiting, even now.
In 2021, WaterMelon Games launched a Kickstarter in order to generate the funds to not only honour all of the existing pre-orders, but also to bring the game to modern-day systems, too. 3,271 contributors invested 895,569 euros (around £767,000 / $973,000) into the project. The game was supposed to ...
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Article :

Added Lyle in Cube Sector for SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive

--- Quote ---Michael Moffitt : "I've finally finished it enough to call it V1.0 and it can be downloaded.
I recommend burning the game to a 27C160 ROM and installing it on a cartridge that maps battery-backed SRAM to the upper 2MiB boundary. Alternatively, you may play on a ROM emulation device (Everdrive, etc) or software emulator (Kega Fusion, etc).
Lyle in Cube Sector is a freeware metroid-esque game for the PC from 2006. It looked like an NES game before that was what all the hip kids were doing. The original game was created by Nic DeStefano (bogosoft) and is being ported to Sega hardware over a decade later by Michael Moffitt (mikejmoffitt). The original game's style suits the system perfectly, so the conversion is a near 1:1 replica of the original game. The soundtrack has been rearranged to fit on the Genesis's FM synth hardware, and the graphics are nearly indistinguishable from the original."
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Link :

Added Super Princess' 2092 Exodus for SEGA Game Gear

--- Quote ---Original game: MONIS GAMES
Game Gear graphics: @badcomputer
PSG music: @chirinea

Source code:
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Download link :


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