Author Topic: Sketchbook Project 2013 - Worldwide Art Project  (Read 2887 times)

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Sketchbook Project 2013 - Worldwide Art Project
« on: May 23, 2012, 10:45:29 am »
saw this on neogaf, I'm tempted to participate

Together, thousands of creative people from around the world are forming a traveling library of artists' books.

It's like a road trip, but with sketchbooks.
Every book created for the project will embark on a cross-country road trip to visit state fairs, festivals and as many Waffle Houses as your book's little stomach can handle.

OK, so what's The Sketchbook Project?
The Sketchbook Project is a worldwide creative experience. Together, thousands of regular people from around the world will form a traveling library of handmade books.

How does this whole thing work?
We like to think of the project as being community funded. A small group of people would not be able to create a giant traveling library and exhibit it across thousands of miles. But when 10,000 people get together with a common purpose, we can create something uniquely awesome.

I'm not really an artist. Is this project for me?
The short answer is yes! The Sketchbook Project isn’t just for artists. This project is for anyone who craves an outlet for that undeniable creative bug. Anyone — from anywhere — regardless of his or her creative background can and should participate. Parents, kids, Uncle Joe, the mailman, the banker who doodles on her tax forms, architects, astronauts, and retired mine dwellers: This means you!

anyone here interested in doing it, too?