Author Topic: Updated SEGAbits rules as of Dec 28th 2013  (Read 7538 times)

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Updated SEGAbits rules as of Dec 28th 2013
« on: December 28, 2013, 10:10:35 am »
Most of you guys are awesome and if everyone was like you we would need no rules, but very rarely we get someone who wants to cause trouble, and these rules are in place to stop them from ruining SEGAbits for everyone else.

The rules were also updated to make them less confusing. If you have any concerns or questions feel free to post in this topic. They are basically the same they were before, just made to be less confusing.. (hopefully).


(Last Updated on December 28th, 2013)

Warnings come in the form of percentages. Once your warning level reaches 20% you can't post. Warning levels go down 5% every 24 hours. The warning percentage given to you isn't a set number and will vary depending on a number of variables.

Users who are intentionally disruptive on a constant basis will permanently have their posting privileges revoked. Posting Not Safe for Work material will lead to an immediate ban from the SEGAbits website.

These rules apply to both the forums and front page comments.

1) Keep it Civil
We're humans, and naturally we are going to disagree. We also often get passionate if the conversation is about something we feel strongly about. There is nothing wrong with a good debate. The problems happen when people fall back to name calling, and name calling is not cool! Basically, don't refer to other users with names that you wouldn't want to be called. Name calling and petty arguing will be issued warnings.

Also, don't provoke other users. If you are caught posting things for no reason other than to rile up other users you will be issued a warning.

2) No Graphic Images
That goes for violent, gory, rude, sexual etc. If you are unsure about the content of your post, it's probably best to not post it at all. Please use your better judgement.

3) No Unrelated Advertising
If you are a long time member showing off your website, selling something on eBay, or a new member promoting a sale of some SEGA related items you have, completely fine. There will be no issues. Anyone that signs up just to advertise and spam their unrelated products will be issued a warning or have their posting privileges revoked.

4) No Multiple Accounts
Multiple accounts are NOT allowed on SEGAbits. If you want to change your account name, send a PM to an admin and we would be happy to change it for you. Anyone caught using an alternate account will have their alt account banned and be issued a warning on their main account. In more severe cases the main account may also get banned.


By continuing to post you are showing that you agree with these rules and the Registration Agreement you agreed to when registering. Thank you for your cooperation. :)