Author Topic: A reminder of the forum rules  (Read 9916 times)

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A reminder of the forum rules
« on: January 11, 2013, 03:00:23 pm »
SEGAbits has been a peaceful place for quite some time, but recently I've noted certain members have had a blatant disregard for the forum rules. As such, I want to remind everybody what the rules of the forum are:

1) No Bullying
Everyone likes to take a pot shot at another forum member every now and again, we all do it! But prolonged bullying of any kind will not be tolerated. This is a Sega forum for Sega fans of every kind. We only ask that you treat others with respect. three strikes and you/re out.

- One off offensive posts can lead straight to a warning.

2) No Graphic Images
That goes for violent, gory, rude, sexual etc. If you are unsure if the content of your post is unacceptable it's probably best not to post it at all. Please use your better judgement, anything that is obviously breaking these rules will be met with a swift IP Ban with out warning.

3) No Advertising
If you are a long time member showing off your website, selling something on eBay? totally fine. Anyone that signs up just to advertise their unrelated produce will be IP banned with out warning.

4) No Console Warriors
Nothing worse than petty console fanboys arguing about who's console is better... Keep that nonsense to yourself. There is a big difference between having an opinion and being a blatant troll. Three strikes and you're out!

5) No multiple accounts
Great, you want to say stupid shit and get another account ban instead of your main one? No, if you are caught from now on (May 1st) you will get your other account banned and you will get a warning. (additional strikes your "new" account has will also carry over) Three strikes and you're out!

6) No Flame-baiting
This includes provoking other members with material of any sort that you know will upset them and eventually lead to a heated argument or war. A warning related to flame-baiting isn't an immediate warning since it's all about perspective. The staff will discuss the post in question before deciding if it's worth a warning or not.

Really, it's very easy not to get in trouble here as long as you follow the above. If a mod or admin says "knock it off", then knock it off.  ::)

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Re: A reminder of the forum rules
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2013, 01:09:55 pm »
I just want to clarify how our warning system works, since it isn't posted anywhere, I'll add it to the rules page eventually, but for now I'll post it here.

Our warning system is percentage based. Muting starts at 20%. Muting means you're muted and you can't post or reply to or send PM's, basically a temporary ban. Warning level goes down 5% every 24 hours.

So a small warning would be 15% or under. and you'll still be able to post. Small warning aren't considered strikes, they are just considered friendly reminders to behave.

So let's say you're issued a 30% warning (you can see your warning level in your profile page). That means you would have a 72 hour temp ban.

The amount of warning percentage you get will depend on how bad your offense was, anyways, don't worry, we aren't super strict, we rarely hand out warnings. I just wanted to put this here for reference sake.