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Barry the Nomad:
As much as I shit on the Amazing Spider-Man movies, I'd have to say that Spider-Man is probably my favorite. I loved the original movies, and before that the animated series, and before that the original comics. My dad had a collection of small full color trade paperbacks which collected the first 25 issues, and I read through them one summer in the 90's.

Iron Man.

Many loves him now, but I love him long way back before Robert Downey Jr's movie came out when he's not that popular.
It's because of that Capcom's arcade game Marvel Super Heroes where he looked so damn cool with his supermoves, especially Proton Cannon.
I got curious of his character and tracked all his comic books since then.

Yeah, my love for him started from video game, just like my love for Michael Jackson started from SEGA's arcade game Moonwalker.

Mystic Monkey:
Spider-man for me.

Spider-Man is probably every body's hero for who loved Marvel.
I don't think I ever heard someone's saying he hates Spider-Man.

Mystic Monkey:
No issue for liking Spider-man. Though I am still on the fence for Tom Holland.


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