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Many quotes in Puyo Puyo Tetris are hilarious if it's taken out of context.  ;-D

ChuChu Rocket! Retrospective

Watch the video here :

Sega will release a major update for the Switch version of Puyo Puyo Champions on August 27 in Japan, followed by PlayStation 4 and PC at a later date, which adds a “Spectator” mode, new playable characters, and more.

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Puyo Puyo Tetris 2: The Ultimate Puzzle Match will be released for all systems (almost).

Article :

SEGA Heroes was a great success,
$7 million from 4.1 million installs in sixteen months

--- Quote --- Next to Sonic Dash, Sega Heroes' puzzle RPG quest adventure seemed to be the closest the brand has gone to embracing the traditional mobile structure.
$7 million from 4.1 million installs in sixteen months was a great success,
yet the ending of its partnership with Demiurge stopped the game in its tracks much earlier than anticipated.
--- End quote ---

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