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Are the admins on vacation? Spam attack!

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Can someone clear out the spam topic and replies?

Barry the Nomad:
We're not on vacation, just have day jobs. ;) Cleared them out.

Barry the Nomad:
Just a little further info: Since September 22 we've had up to 20 new member submissions a day, many from Russian IPs and email addresses. No clue why, maybe our spam filter stopped working.

Anyway, to combat this we've turned off new users so only Admins can approve new members. We're working on a question and answer validation where new members need to answer a simple SEGA question. This should help. If you see any more spam, it is likely from accounts that were approved before the 22nd and hadn't posted yet. I'll ban and delete them as they appear.

Now that spammers are gone.. I wonder where is everybody else.

Barry the Nomad:
Stuff like Reddit, Twitter and Discord are eating away at forum use, not just here but all across the internet. TBH our forums are far more active than I expected them to be in 2017 compared to other SEGA fan sites (though that is not saying too much).


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