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Kill Zombies with the Power of ROCK!

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This looks interesting!

--- Quote ---Budget developer Epicenter has announced Rock of the Dead for Wii, essentially a rhythm version of SEGA's quirky Typing of the Dead. Think on-rails shooter, but using a guitar instead of a gun.

At this stage in development the game absolutely requires a Guitar Hero peripheral to play, but they may include an option for a standard Wii controller eventually. Rock of the Dead doesn't featured licenced songs, but rather rock versions of classical music (public domain). There'll be two player co-op and multiple paths to take for added replay value.

Epicenter has secured Neil Patrick Harris (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, 'Barney Stinson' in How I Met Your Mother), as the main character's voice talent. Expect a thick layer of cheese.

Rock of the Dead is expected out in America later this year at a budget price-point. Screens with obnoxious IGN watermark right below this sentence.
--- End quote ---

Damn it SEGA, take the game and make your own that doesn't look like its for the iPhone.

I have to say this is just stupid.

I'm so getting a Wii for this!

Dr. SEGA Monkey:
Wow, this is such a blatant rip-off. "Rock of the Dead"? They could've at least made the name unique.


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