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List of 2024 Homebrew Games on SEGA Console (Genesis, Dreamcast, SMS, etc)

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Added Slow Mole 2: Mega Slow Mole for SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive) since the game's expected to have full launch in first half of 2024

--- Quote ---A new game for Sega Megadrive/Genesis. Try the free demo below!
A playful platformer with surprising mechanics and a unique twist; as Slow Mole you can get a checkpoint on any screen, but only if you beat the timer. Each level requires speed and strategy.
Sequel to NES speedrunner favourite Slow Mole:
The game saves records and will display your record timer every time you reach a new area, so you'll know if you're on record pace or not. The game timer has been calibrated and tested thoroughly and should be highly accurate as long as you play the game on an NTSC Genesis/Megadrive with a correct update frequency of 59.92274 Hz.
Expected full launch first half of 2024 with upcoming cartridge release.

--- End quote ---

Link :

Slow Mole 2: Mega Slow Mole (SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive) OST – Autumn Theme

The Secret of the Four Winds (SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive) - 2 different cover art styles per region

--- Quote ---"The Secret of the Four Winds" (our 4th game for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive) will have 2 different cover art styles per region (reversible cover).
Which style do you like the most?
Anime style or Occidental style?

Occidental style art: Miguel Angel Jimenez
Anime cover art: Danmakuman
--- End quote ---

Source :

Black Jewel Reborn (SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive) - May 2024 Update

--- Quote ---Hi all!!! There hasn't been any news on BlackJewelReborn for a long time. Let's fix it. 5 the world is divided into 3 levels + boss.

1. Taking the elevator
2. The classic version where we go from left to right and a runner with elements of battle, tackles, jumping over abysses.
3. Boss
4. Escape on the wings from the worm.

That is why this ...
--- End quote ---

Source :

Phantom Gear (SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive) - Progress Update: Boss Brawls, Epic Encounters, and Bug Battles!

--- Quote ---Remember that pesky bug in the demo with the aircraft boss? Well, the team has been on a mission to track it down and squash it for good. It's been a bit of a Sherlock Holmes situation searching for the root cause, but fear not, we're hot on the trail!
Now, onto the good stuff! I've got some exciting updates for you all. We've made some great progress, and it's time to give you guys a taste!
Buckle up because we've got some ...
--- End quote ---

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